Low On Energy? 7 Tips To Revitalize Your Everyday Choices

Written by Zoë B

If you’re feeling a bit low on energy today, I’ll share some quick tips to get you up and at 'em.

Before I do this, I want to make an important point:

Your energy levels are linked to your everyday choices. Did you know that the amount of energy you have directly correlates to the choices you make on a daily basis? So, people with super high levels of energy tend to behave in a certain way to create that energy. On the other hand, people who are constantly exhausted often make choices that leave them lacking in the energy department.

The point is that we all have the choice to either create energy or take it away. If you’re feeling a little tired today maybe it’s time to review the choices you’ve been making.

Here are a few simple things you can do to start re-energizing yourself!

1. Stop stressful thinking patterns.

If you find yourself overthinking and worrying about daily problems in life, then perhaps its time to realize just how much this behavior drains your energy levels.

What most people don’t realize when they're stressed is the amount of energy this process consumes. This is why long periods of stress often leave us feeling exhausted and unwell because we simply use up all of our energy supplies.

So start by checking in on your mental activity — is it quiet in there, or is it filled with muddled thoughts? Try a daily meditation to quiet your mind.

2. Quit communicating.

We have gone communication crazy. There are such high expectations for us to respond immediately to emails, phone calls, SMS, tweets and Facebook that it’s no wonder we burn out so quickly.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is remind yourself to switch everything off for an hour. We have become so chained to technology that we're constantly "on" and this is really unhealthy for the mind and body.

The world won’t end if you turn your mobile phone off for an hour or two. In fact, just like our mobile phones, we need to recharge our own batteries to be able to work efficiently!

3. Refrain from people-pleasing.

Being a people pleaser is one of the fastest ways to burn out. If you’re constantly saying yes to everyone then you leave little energy reserves for your own life.

Know that it’s OK to be honest and say no when you don’t have the time to help others. Your friends and family will still love you if you say no every now and then so you have time to rest. In-fact I’m sure your wellbeing is more important to them than you saying yes to everything.

4. Improve your quality of sleep.

Sleep is essential for strong energy levels. But are you getting good-quality sleep? Many people struggle with sleep because they have trouble switching off at night.

Your body literally cannot shut down and enter your natural sleep cycle if you’re up late at night worrying about the next day.

Try spending a few minutes thinking of things that you’re grateful for before you go to sleep and this will help you to switch off from any negative thoughts before bedtime.

5. Adopt a healthy diet.

A healthy diet is crucial if you want to have high energy levels. While it’s fine to have a cheat day every now and then, what we eat on a daily basis has a huge impact on the amount of energy we have.

What unhealthy food choices can you swap out for healthier options? This year I made the change from scrambled eggs each morning to fruit salad, and believe me, I feel a huge amount of difference in my energy levels.

6. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Exercise is a basic way to ensure your body is fit and healthy enough to meet the day head on.

How can you add a healthy dosage of exercise into your life? What exercise do you really enjoy? Can you try a few new form of exercise to turn it into a long-term habit?

7. Schedule time to recharge.

We are often so busy with other people’s demands that we forget to make time for ourselves. Your body is like a car — it needs regular fuel to keep going, otherwise it will break down! In my experience, if people don’t take the time to rest, their bodies will at some point force them to do so (usually through physical illness).

I know that at times it can feel like there's just no way we have time to fit in any "me time" – but it really is worthwhile. Commit to just 5 minutes a day of doing nothing.

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