9 Steps To Stop Doubting & Start Living

Registered Yoga Teacher By Rebecca Butler
Registered Yoga Teacher
Rebecca Butler is an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher, writer, inspirational speaker and retreat leader.

Recently, I was discussing with someone the importance of trusting the universe. Implicit trust. Faith. Recognizing that everything happens for a reason, that there are no coincidences, and that we are in co-creation with the universe at all times. All we have to do is cultivate that creation to be a healthy, happening dialogue.

My friend on the other end of this discussion was scoffing at me. She's a client of mine. She's a lawyer and is quite pragmatic, to say the least. There's certainly nothing wrong with that, but she comes to me for a reason.

Last week, she texted me. It read, “You’re really on lately. Do you realize that?”

My reply was, “I’m just in love with life, friend. It doesn’t get more ‘on’ than that.”

This is what she’s seeking — this lightness of being, the essence you emanate when you decide to stop doubting and start living.

And yet, she can’t bring herself to relent. There's a piece of her — a majority, really — that wants order, logic and reason.

However, when you're connected to the universal source of life, “Turned on, tuned in, tapped in,” as Esther Hicks would say while channeling Abraham, it's anything but reasonable. You inherently recognize that life is a dance floor, and your job is to dance like no one is watching, to paraphrase Maya Angelou.

Yet, my genius-lawyer-beauty of a friend stopped me mid-sentence to say, “You’re asking me to believe in magic, Rebecca,” while staring at me with an exasperated expression.

And without even thinking about it, I replied. “Yes, there's magic all around you. Just look at the trees. The trees breathe what we expel; we breathe what they expel. How is this not magic? This is a magical relationship. It’s right under our noses. We call it science, but it’s magic. We're so spoiled by it that we don’t even see it. Magic is what makes the world go round. Why can't you allow that there's magic all around, and it's not our job to question it, but rather to appreciate the gifts it creates? And trust that it will always be there to support us when we need it to be.”

At this point, Little Ms. Pragmatic is smiling, nodding and slightly tearing up.

I've cultivated a list of ways to tap into the magic around you at all times so that you can stop doubting and start living. I offer it to you humbly here.

1. Meditate.

Be still and know that the universe is kind. It may not always seem like this is so, especially when our best laid plans get obliterated. But how many times have you endured something incredibly painful or even humiliating, then later looked back and said, “That was the best thing that ever happened to me.” It’s critically important to know that the universe has your back. When you meditate on the infinite kindness of the universe, you bring yourself into a deep state of gratitude. This is a powerful way of being.

2. Pray.

Your seventh chakra is your “grace bank account,” according to Caroline Myss. You make installments by praying. Prayer is good. Prayer is food for your soul.

3. Ask for what you need.

Focus on your desires, not what you are afraid of, not what brings you anxiety and not everything you wish were different. Focus on your dreams, your light, your abilities.

4. Create.

We are meant to be in creation. Let yourself have fun with the creation of life. Feel the source of life move through you as you indulge in creation — create a garden, song, painting, career, home, meal, juice, story, etc. We are intended to create in this life.

5. Move.

Dance, swim, ride a bike, do a cartwheel, take a yoga class (take mine online) — one thing I learned from losing my mom to ALS is that our mobility is meant to be celebrated, not taken for granted. Get out there and move. Move like you mean it!

6. Smile.

It takes far fewer muscles than frowning, and it invokes a lighter way of being to smile. Let a smile crawl onto your face and into your soul.

7. Laugh.

Laughter feeds the soul. Find a laughing yoga class. Throw your arms up in the air, spin around in a circle and laugh at the absurdity of it. Why not! Don’t take yourself too seriously to spontaneously guffaw with glee.

8. Eat well.

Treat food like medicine for your body. Because it is. And if you slip up, be kind. And try again.

9. Tell stories.

Stories are magic in their own right. Your friends love them; your parents do too. Your children and grandchildren will tell your stories for decades to come. Share your stories. Don’t be shy. Life is too short for such folly.

Consider incorporating these practices into your daily life. They'll serve you beyond measure and bring you into greater alignment in this time of great transition — alignment with ease. And magic.

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