Pssst ... Is It Time To Take A Break From Booze?

Written by Eileen Fedyna

Drinking one or two alcoholic beverages leaves me feeling not only ravenous but less-than-my-best days later. From work obligations to working-out, alcohol puts a major buzzkill on my energy levels and happiness. Sometimes it's good to take a break by cutting it out all together!

Here are a few reasons why it might be time to cut back on the booze.

1. You can’t enjoy one glass.

If you find yourself unable to enjoy just one, it's a good idea to skip it all together. Sometimes emotional stressors are behind our need for alcohol. Ironically, having more than one beverage while feeling upset typically only leads us down the path to "woe" town. Not sure you want to go out and get buzzed? Always follow your intuition. Save your money and enjoy a restorative yoga class instead.

2. You make decisions you normally would not make.

Drinking alcohol relaxes us while lowering our inhibitions. When you find yourself being too "loose lipped" with personal information or dancing on a bar top, it might be time to put down the organic brew! As humans we get stressed and look toward alcohol to unwind. In doing so, please consider alternative ways of relaxation. Some ideas: a massage, a "meet up" group for your favorite activity, or a juicing party with close friends—to name a few. Just because you cut out alcohol does not mean you won't still be able to enjoy a social life.

3. You eat more than usual after you drink.

When you come home from the bar and go on a colossal "carb binge," you're not only abusing your body with alcohol, but you're wreaking havoc on your digestive system. Consuming huge amounts of food before bed is horrible for our digestion process. Also, it's emotionally and physically detrimental for those of us who drink a few and then make food choices while we’re out that do not coincide with the daily, healthful decisions we normally make. French fries may be "vegan" but waking up the next morning after two spud baskets doesn't feel too hot! For a fun twist on a non-alcoholic drink; make a vegan-friendly pina-colada in your Vitamix and top with a little umbrella!

4. You feel emotional with low energy in the days following.

It's no surprise to us that alcohol has been deemed a depressant. In the days after drinking when you feel sad, emotional, or drained of energy, these feelings can impact everything from our levels of physical activity to the vibes we put off to others all around us. When deciding whether you will drink or not, I urge you to feel out your state of mind first. If you have an important meeting in the coming days—grab a glass of water with lime instead. Your body will thank you later!

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