Q & A with Lilou Mace: On Soulmates and How She Lost Her Job and Liked It!

Lilou Mace lost her job and liked it! Just two months after losing her job in February 2009, Lilou self-published I Lost My Job and I Liked It.

Lilou believes that we can fulfill our potential and manifest our dreams by focusing our thoughts on what we want, as opposed to dwelling on what we do not want, in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

Her mission is to "inspire, motivate and empower millions of people to pursue their dreams" and to "help spread joy, freedom and empowerment". Her popular YouTube channel has over 500 videos and 2 million views to date.

MindBodyGreen: You wrote a book entitled I Lost My Job and I liked It -- please tell us more about how this happened.

Lilou Mace: I lost my job on February 16th, 2009. I worked in London as Internet Marketing director for a travel company. I had accepted the job when I was living in the US so I had moved to London only 7 months earlier. When I got laid off I was totally shocked -- but at the same time I felt a sense of freedom. Two days later I decided to keep a diary of my journey to find my dream job. It was amazing experience and two months later this book was published.

MBG: What advice to you have to give to someone who just got laid off or is in a job they hate but are afraid to quit?

LM: Life is too precious. We are here to live our soul's work and our life's mission - and we shouldn't struggle with either one.

MBG: Do you have any favorite books?

LM: I really enjoyed The Astonishing Power of Emotions, by Jerry and Ester Hicks. It's a great book that really deepens ones knowledge on the law of attraction.

MBG: Recently you did an interview with John Demartini from 'The Secret' and discussed Soulmates - please tell us more.

LM: John says that until we are ready to meet our one "Soulmate", that we have a series of soulmates in our lives that provide us with the different aspects that we want in our life partner - the person who is our one "Soulmate." But it was my interview with Sonia Choquette on Soulmates, that was my 'ah-ha' moment on the subject. Sonia believes that Soulmates are people that help our soul evolve and that these people are not our life partners -- they are people that come into our lives mainly to help us grow…and to help us do our soul work on this planet.

MBG: What's your favorite way to relax?

LM: I relax by walking on the beach, lighting a candle, taking a long bubbly bath, meeting with friends, eating a long lunch with my family, reading inspiring books, meditating, smelling flowers, listening to the sound of the wind in the trees, or just being in nature.

MBG: Do you have a favorite guilty indulgence?

LM: I love chocolate. So, so good!

MBG: If you had to leave us with one message, what would it be?

LM: Enjoy every single moment of your life -- both the good and the bad. Everything happens for a reason and whatever happens is part of a larger plan to help us grow and see what is real. Only love is real, the rest is an illusion. :)

For more on Lilou Mace:

Lilou on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

I Lost My Job and Liked It at Amazon.com

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