Burn Those Bras, Wellness Warriors!

During my weekly grocery run, I walked into my regular store and found myself surrounded with endless pink flowers; some came with balloons, others had ribbons, but the theme was evident — PINK in a big way.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and I have to say, I find it a little appalling that it's become so commercialized — kind of like Thanksgiving with the turkey and Christmas with Santa. That's what got me thinking about my boobs and every other woman's breasts out there! Amazing little (or very large) devices we have on deck, don't you think?

I went back to basics and made the decision not to wear a bra anymore. I know, I know; it's almost blasphemy in modern society, but let me explain. Something happens when you decide to become a radical wellness warrior, and over time you become more open to ideologies that would have seemed ludicrous at some point. Here are three interesting facts that may persuade you to join me in:

1. The breast doesn't benefit at all from being deprived of gravity.

This translates to saggy boobs in the forecast for bra wearers. A study by French researcher Jean-Denis Rouillon claims that a bra could "prevent supporting tissues from growing," and that breasts might be less likely to sag without one. Contrary to popular belief, the breast does not fall without a bra, but tightens and lifts and the quality of the skin improves. Professor Rouillon said 42 percent of the women "felt discomfort" for the first three months of not wearing a bra, but then it disappeared. None were in pain, nor were they hampered from doing daily activities, including sports.

2. Bras block your energy.

Ladies, you know that sigh of relief when you take your bra off at the end of the day? That may be a clear indication that your energy was blocked the whole day! Underwire bras have metal in them, which blocks the energy from flowing in four energy meridians (Kidney, Liver, Spleen and Stomach). Do yourself a favor and at least wear bras with no underwire, because our systems are already overstimulated by cell phones, metal piercings and our trusty modern society workhorse: the computer.

3. They could be bad for your health.

According to the book Dressed to Kill : The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, they found that women who wear bras 18-24 hours per day have over 100 times greater incidence of breast cancer than those who go bra-less. Bras create constant pressure, which compresses and constricts the lymphatic movement to the chest area. The role of lymph is to flush out toxins and debris from tissues. If this flow is impaired, like when wearing a bra, tissues get toxic. Yikes! Now things are getting a little hairy. The "push-up" just got slammed!

Clothes are our second skin, and their material, color and structure have a direct influence on our emotions and well-being. This applies especially to garments that are worn directly on the skin, but let's be honest: while some cleavage is sexy and showing more and more of it is increasingly deemed appropriate, we're not quite ready to see it all hang out. Yet.

While the latter may be true for a vast majority of people, I do agree that it's hard to fight the social implications of an undergarment with decades of history in the Western world. BUT there are some steps suggested by holistic wellness naturopaths that you can start to do now to help alleviate the above factors:

  • Make sure the bra has a loose fit. Remove it when it isn't necessary.
  • Choose a bra with no underwire. These wires block the energy meridians from moving freely through their natural cycles.
  • Use a larger size bra around your menstrual time, as increased estrogen causes tissues to retain fluids making the breasts larger and the bra tighter.
  • Sleep naked or in a stretchy T-shirt.
  • Do a breast massage a couple of times each week. Pay attention especially to the underarm and under-the-bra area. Keep that lymphatic system moving.

"Bra burning" has been greatly exaggerated; in the 1970s it was not only politically correct, but also fashionable to go braless in the Western World. I personally think we should take a few hints from indigenous tribes such as the Samburu women in Kenya (yes, I'm Kenyan, so a little bias here), whose women flaunt their perky assets all day and look good while doing it.

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