Want To Relax, Recharge & Heal Yourself? Go Barefoot!

The health and wellness world has taken note of earthing and how it can reduce inflammation and stress to improve overall health.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is made up of three parts, two of which are the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. That means almost every system in our body is regulated, in some way, by the ANS, including digestion, circulatory function, cardiovascular performance and hormonal systems.

The theory behind earthing — which essentially means walking barefoot — is that the earth is one of the most powerful energy sources; when our bodies make direct contact with the ground, we absorb the earth’s beneficial, natural energy in the form of electrons. The electrons allow us to absorb the positive and let go of the negative. It used to happen naturally when cavemen walked barefoot, allowing them to have closer connection to the earth — and look how healthy they were!

These are just some of the things earthing can do:

1. Reduce stress.

Some kinds of stress are good, because they can help us rise to a challenge, like a test, or create feelings of intense happiness. What we're talking about is that chronic, relentless, harmful stress that can flood your body with cortisol and other stress hormones, blow out your adrenals and cause rapid heart rates, digestive problems, irritability, lack of focus and lack of energy, among other things.

2. Boost immunity.

All those stress hormones create wear and tear on your body, lowering your immunity and making you more susceptible to colds, flu and other health and aging challenges.

3. Aid sleep.

Ever wonder why you sleep so much better at the beach? Nope, it’s not the sound of the waves, but the fact that sand and water are natural conductors that help you absorb energy when you walk barefoot.

4. Improve cardiovascular health.

Lowered stress, thinner blood, better circulation — well, that adds up to a healthier heart!

5. Decrease aches and pains.

This one’s a personal testimony that I just have to share. I recently moved, and all the lifting really screwed up both my lower back and knees. There's also been a major stressor that won't go away anytime soon. I got my first pair of Earthing Shoes and wore them for only a few hours to break them in. In that short time — voila! — my lower back and knee pain completely disappeared, and I really did start to feel much calmer.

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