10 Signs It's Time To Turn Your Healthy Habit Into A Career

If you're reading this wonderful MindBodyGreen site, then you likely care about your health. But for some of us, this love of everything health, nutrition and mind goes a little beyond the realm of a hobby.

Many people ask me how I started my health business and career, so I put together these 10 sure signs to know if you're likely meant to do something a little different than you expected with your life.

1. Friends and family (even strangers) constantly ask, “What's that green stuff you’re drinking?”

2. You attend classes or detoxes and secretly wish YOU were the one teaching (because you’d do this a little different and that a tiny bit better).

3. You have a Magic Bullet or blender in your work office and you’ve converted most of your coworkers into green smoothie lovers too.

4. Your doctor (seriously) asks you whether or not you believe in the Wheat Belly hype or in the benefits of a plant-based diet (and secretly confesses he hasn’t read any nutritional studies in at least five years).

5. The stack of books on your nightstand is full of nutrition books — not romance — and you’ve had more than one sleepless night just trying to get to the end of this chapter, then the next, and the next…

6. You’re the only one of your friends who knows what the difference between cacao, cocoa and carob is.

7. You use your alumni library card to regularly access PubMed to check the accuracy of quoted statistics in popular nutrition books.

8. You’re flabbergasted that you’re the only one in your immediate circle who seems to care this much about how to eat, exercise and find stress relief.

9. You feel a teensy-weensy bit jealous when you see health business owners and industry leaders talking about things you want to talk and teach about (jealously — despite being frowned upon — is a sure way to reveal what you want for yourself).

10. If you were to do it all over, you’d definitely go into teaching nutrition, culinary classes or health coaching, but you reason it’s too late…

... but it’s not! So get out there and start living your dream life!

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