​Why Is "Wealth" Such A Dirty Word In Wellness?

Written by Michele Paiva

Wellness is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet many wellness professionals—from psychologists, therapists and counselors, to acupuncturists, massage therapists, raw chefs, yoga teachers and others—seem to be struggling.

But why?

It's simple. People will drop a huge sum of money for a stick of say, organic incense, but those same people will not equate a fair price onto their own service, nor do they know how to market themselves.

Many wellness professionals will say that they want to make money, but rarely do these same people manage the money. Think of money like organic produce: you can buy all the organic produce that you want, but you can't benefit unless you manage how its stored, prepared, and used.

Not only do you have to know how to manage money, but you need to value yourself enough to know you're worth it.

Here are some tips to help you think about wealth in wellness:

1. Respect yourself.

Many wellness professionals (and artists, too!) seem to have a problem with charging a fee for their work. I've heard many artists, musicians, photographers, and therapists state that people want their work “for free” or at a substantial discount.

Here are some actual excuses I've heard from professionals. (They're paraphrased, as they're from memory).

  • “I do group sessions for $20 and even then I don’t fill my schedule!” — Photographer
  • “People ask me to give a free yoga class to try it out, because they don’t want to pay for it if they don’t like it." — Yoga instructor
  • "If everyone else is giving free yoga, I have to do that also.” — Yoga instructor
  • “I’m a counselor, and I’ve worked with couples for many years, but a lot of people balk at my fees, so I cut the fees so far down but even with an almost packed schedule, I’m not making ends meet.” — Counselor/Therapist

What's going on here?

Looks like a lack of respect across the board, correct?

Why are these folks are not being taken seriously, and why are others are so comfortable in asking for steep discounts or free services?

Is it because people do not respect wellness (or the arts)?

No. It’s because these artists, yoga teachers, and therapists are not respecting themselves enough. They may say they're passionate about their careers and they may be, but if they don’t show that they believe in themselves enough, others won’t, either.

2. Remember that success doesn't have to be painful all the time.

People have this mindset that success has to be a hard, painful struggle. Yes, there are times it is, but it is NOT a recipe for success to feel that you are being dragged through a quagmire.

How do you do this? Start by getting smart about how you brand yourself!

3. Brand yourself properly.

Most people are pretty vague about their work: I’m a therapist who works with people suffering from anxiety.

Oh really? How unique. Yawn.

You and a million other therapists throughout the country work with people who suffer from anxiety. Also: Yoga teachers work with people who want to get in touch with their wellness. Reiki masters work with people who want to move their energy. Psychologists help people achieve success and many test for issues and disorders. Doctors help people feel better.

See a trend? This is old news. We get it. You heal. Dig deeper.

Or to look at it differently, this is not a brand: I’m a therapist who works with people suffering from anxiety.

That’s not a brand. That’s a weak, descriptive statement. Make it tighter.

Having a hard time? That’s because you have no clue. Maybe you have an idea or you are spouting out an “elevator” speech. Or a “30 second commercial.”

4. Lose the elevator speech.

Newsflash: Most commercials and quick blurbs don’t get our attention without shock or emotional value attached, so your descriptive prose isn’t going to rock someone’s world, either. It’s time to take it up a notch!

Grab a pencil and paper, doodle, and brainstorm. Mind map. Do whatever it takes to figure out how you feel about not only making money, but valuing yourself, your career and your management of money.

Brand yourself using your heart and soul, your authenticity and your entire world of passions, not just your "job."

Bring it all together, and know that if you are earning what you're worth, you'll be able to help others to sustain and grow. "Wealth" is not a bad word, in fact, it's only what you make of it. If you feel badly about it, it probably won't bother with you either. Get connected to wealth, and it's part in wellness.

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