My Favorite Vitamin Cures For Incredible Energy

I always have a lot going on, and although I normally don't mind being busy, sometimes it all just gets a little too much. I feel drained, exhausted, and only want to hang out on the couch or go to bed early. Alone.

Don't get me wrong — I really love my husband and I do find him wildly attractive. But on some days my legs are so tired that the only thing I want to wrap them around is my blanket; and since my husband also is no longer in his 20s, he's perfectly fine with that when he has also had a rough day.

So, I guess we all have to deal with the "tired body part syndrome" from time to time and it's no big deal, right?

But what if exhaustion gets the upper hand? What if our energy levels are always way too low to enjoy anything?

My holistic advice as an orthomolecular nutritionist is: work less, sleep & relax more, exercise moderately & regularly, and provide your body with an abundance of nutrients from real, unprocessed food.

And if you still feel too pooped to go out and live a life you love, try out my favorite vitamin cures, which can definitely help revive the weariest warriors:

Magnesium Baths

When I was pregnant, I was not only extremely tired, but I also woke up every single night with incredibly painful leg cramps.

My doctor dismissed my problem as common pregnancy troubles, but when I did a little research of my own I found out that my cells might be in desperate need of magnesium. I got myself some magnesium bath flakes as well as magnesium "massage" oil, and virtually soaked my skin in this super mineral (this is called transdermal magnesium therapy).

Guess what? After two weeks my leg cramps were completely gone and my energy levels were sky high!

Vitamin B Smoothies

You might already know that B vitamins are real heroes when it comes to overall skin health. But have you ever heard about the incredible energy boost they can give you, especially B12?

If you're vitamin B12 deficient, your body does a pretty poor job producing red blood cells to carry oxygen through your system. Insufficient oxygen means insufficient energy, plus a lack of vitamin B12 also leaves you pale, cranky, and unable to focus properly.

In case this sounds familiar (especially if you're on the pill), try having a green smoothie that contains chlorella and/or spirulina twice a day. These edible algae contain lots of B-vitamins, thus ensuring you'll pass every energy test with flying colors.

Protein Power

The building blocks of protein are so-called amino acids which are vital for our overall health. They make up 75% of the human body, transport nutrients, keep our cells healthy and our physical chemistry in balance.

Some amino acids our body can synthesize itself, others — the essential ones must be included in our diet. And this is where it can get problematic.

Low energy levels, chronic fatigue, trouble sleeping, and emotional upset are just a few of the effects you might feel when your diet is deficient in amino acids, which is actually pretty common.

If you've been feeling a little out of balance lately and/ or follow a diet high in carbs, try eating more protein. You'll probably notice a difference soon.

Great sources for animal protein are cod, beef, chicken, and lamb; plant-based foods that provide an abundance of protein include legumes, quinoa, tempeh, hemp seeds and spirulina.

I've been using these vitamin cures for several years now with the effect that I'm really way more energetic and relaxed than before, and also my mood has never been better.

The next time you suffer from the "tired leg syndrome" and want to be left alone, I'd say have a green smoothie, tell your partner to pamper you with a nice magnesium oil massage and have a good time together.

PS: Don't use the oil on freshly shaved legs if you don't want to add a "Shade of Grey" to your bedroom color pallet — it can burn pretty bad.

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