10 Fun Ways To Increase Your Confidence Today

Written by Jamie Mendell

If you struggle with food, you most likely also struggle with body image. And when you spend so many years struggling with both food and your body image, it undoubtedly affects your self-esteem and confidence. You spend every day telling yourself that you can’t actually eat what you want, that you can’t actually work out the way you want to, and that the size of your jeans HAS to change.

When you constantly tell yourself that what you truly want is not right and that you need to change, your self-esteem takes a major hit.

Women who come to me with food issues all have confidence issues as well. They want to feel awesome in a bathing suit, they want to feel sexy every day, they want to get out there and start dating, but their confidence is so tarnished from years of carrying around the diet mentality, that these things seem impossible.

The thing is, true confidence is all in our own minds. It’s found in the relationship with have with ourselves, not the validation we get from others.

As women, our bodies are going to constantly change. As we grow older, become mothers, have more kids, and go through constant lifestyle changes, our bodies are bound to change. It’s so important that we know how to tap into our own confidence at any time, regardless of how tight our butt currently is.

Here are 10 ways to immediately increase confidence. The best part…you can try doing these things right away!

1. Put on a bold lipstick.

This immediately makes you feel like you own your beauty and your sexy. It’s scary, but incredibly empowering.

2. Stand up straight and crack a smile.

Research shows that good posture makes us believe in and feel better about ourselves. Just by pulling your shoulders back and turning your lips up a bit you feel powerful and like you’re proud of your body and who you are.

3. Act like you’ve had a glass of vino.

You know how your inhibitions go away when you get a glass of wine in you? If you’re feeling small, or judging yourself, think about how you’d act if you had a glass of wine in you. This should immediately relax you, loosen you up and help you stop judging yourself for every little thing that’s “wrong” with you.

4. Dress up, as much as possible.

Especially on those days when you feel fat or insecure, put on an awesome dress, heels, and jewelry that expresses who you are. This celebrates the gorgeous woman that you are and makes you feel powerful.

5. Make eye contact with a stranger.

Looking strangers in the eye gives us a warm feeling of connection and like there is something more important than how tight our jeans feel. It reminds us of community, relationships, and love.

6. Watch the negative thoughts pass you by.

Know that you are whole and complete, and that nothing is wrong with you. Watch the pesky negative thoughts that tell you otherwise come into your head, and recognize that they are JUST thoughts. Let them come in to your head and watch them leave. You don’t need to believe them.

7. Fall a little more in love with your life today.

Often times we aren’t confident because we aren’t in love with the lives that we are living. We're in jobs we don’t love, relationships that aren’t great, and doing too much for others. We aren’t proud of ourselves. Do one thing that you’re really proud of yourself for today. Book a massage, say no to something you truly don’t want to do, block off an hour of “you” time.

8. Do an act of kindness.

Give away money, buy a stranger coffee, hold the door for a group of people. When you do something nice for someone else, you feel good about yourself and fall more in love with who you are.

9. Connect to your body.

Every day this week, do one thing that connects you to your physical body. Diligently put on lotion for five minutes in the morning, massage a body part, take a bath or look at yourself naked in the mirror. As dieters, we are very disconnected from our bodies. This brings you back home.

10. Do something crazy.

Tell your guy friend you actually really like him, join a new club, speak your mind even when it’s controversial, get stuck in the rain on purpose, send out that email you’ve been scared to write. Every time you push your limits and your range, you're reminded of your power and the fact that you can do anything. Your limits are endless.

These tips can be used if you struggle with confidence, with food, or most likely, with both. If you need more advice regarding your struggle with food, download my free guide to end binge eating.

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