5 "Bad" Foods That Are Actually Great For You

Feeding yourself broken foods and thoughts and thinking they'll make you whole is like smashing a vase, and expecting to put it back together again without a single visible crack.

The only way to feel whole is to embrace the realness in your food. Yet we fear being real. We avoid being seen without our many veils. It’s impossible to build a strong physical and emotional foundation when we pump ourselves full of half-baked, over-processed, shattered foods and thoughts.

We crave realness and authenticity in our hearts, from our partners, and within our communities, yet swim in a soup of inauthentic food every day. The permission to be our real selves starts with cultivating realness in our bodies and on our plates.

Real, organic butter

My mother raised us on margarine, thinking it was healthier than butter. A broken food if there ever was one. If you eat dairy, go for real, organic butter. If not, try coconut mana/butter but please, no more weirdo buttery spread.

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70% cacao dark chocolate

Say yes to real dessert like dark chocolate, and not because it’s high in antioxidants. Eat it because it’s real, whole and your body loves it lots.


During the Atkins Diet hooplah (this was after my fat-free craze), I didn’t eat carrots because they were “high in carbs.” Ridiculous. Any vegetable is a whole food, and must make a regular appearance on your plate.

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It turns out that not all white foods are broken. In fact, I recommend an organic, real, white potato before any number of “healthy” whole grain breads that have added sweeteners and binders. Yes, give permission to the potato!

Organic eggs

No more egg beaters and egg-white omelets! There's a reason why egg whites come with a yolk. They're a perfect package, meant to be eaten together, and to break them up is to lose the realness they only have side by side.

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