This Is The Only Way To Get What You Really Want

Doctor of Psychology By Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
Doctor of Psychology
Danielle Dowling, Psy.D. is a doctor of psychology and life coach, helping ambitious, driven women achieve the financial, spiritual, and lifestyle abundance they desire and deserve. She holds a bachelor's in business from American University, and her master's and doctor of psychology degree from Ryokan College.

Career-wise, I'm focused. I’ve got my eye on the ball.

Some might say obsessed.

Others might say it’s too much.

And you know what?

I’m 100% OK with that. It took me until my early 30's to figure out where and how I wanted to spend my life energy.

These days, I wake up every day with the goal of spending a little more time doing what I want to do (inspiring women to lead inspiring lives) and less time doing what I don't.

And you?

What's your heart’s calling?

What's always in the back of your mind?

What do you want to do but keep telling yourself you don't have the time for?

Yes, that.

It needs you and your spirit needs it.

So how, exactly, do you transition from day job to dream-chasing?

There are already so many responsibilities, you say.

People are counting on me!

There are bills to pay and mouths to feed.

You have no choice: Each day, inch by inch, ever so slowly, shift your attention and skills to your passion project. Shift away from pleasing other people and towards genuinely pleasing yourself.

If you keep doing things that don’t excite you, a piece of your soul will wither. You'll find yourself 1 or 3 or 5 years from now still mulling it over, still handicapped by fear or complacency. It’s a recipe for a sub-par existence. And you’re way, way too good for that.

Choose to stop talking about your dream.

Instead, begin pursuing it.

You don't tune into this website because you need more excuses. You tune in because you want inspiration, validation, and a "go get 'em" kick in the tush. Well, here it is:

There is only one way to get what you want.


Dedicate yourself to it. Set your sights on it. Get it in your crosshairs.

You will not realize your dream if you keep giving your current less-than-ideal-situation all of your energy, and leaving your passion project to wait for you to "find the time."

Make a leap in faith.

Do what's required.

(Need to disappoint + underwhelm a few people while dream chasing? So what!?)

Find the time.

Your dream deserves more—YOU deserve more—than shoddy, scraps of leftover love and attention.

Make it happen. That's how you get what you want.

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