4 Questions To Ask Before Updating Your Facebook Status

Because they have the ability to reach so many people, our Facebook statuses can reveal how we feel about ourselves and the world. But what are the intentions behind our status updates?

Living an intentional life comes after much contemplation and serious thought. It is through this process that we come to know our higher selves and act from our own truths. However, when we are not aligned with our spirit, it can become pretty apparent to those around us. Below are four questions to consider before you update your Facebook status.

1. Am I seeking to appear popular?

This means posting something in hopes of looking well liked and receiving many likes. What happens when your expectation isn't fulfilled? Just like in our real lives, doing something solely to impress others will only lead to disappointment and unhappiness. However, when you act from a place of sincerity, it doesn't matter if you meet the approval of others, because you're doing it for yourself. So even if your status isn't getting any likes, you'll be content in knowing you kept it real.

2. Is this something I would say or share with friends and family in person?

Those who know you outside of the digital world see your Facebook profile as an extension of yourself. When you post something that makes your friends and family furrow their eyebrows in confusion, they may be wondering where your heart and mind were when you so publicly shared. Think about whether your status reflects something you truly care about, an issue you know well, or an interest you genuinely pursue. Remember that whatever you put out will eventually come back to you in some shape or form.

3. Does my status reflect a fleeting emotion?

In life we experience multiple emotions, sometimes minutes apart, simultaneously, or over the course of time. This is the human condition. In those moments the feelings can be all consuming, but eventually they pass. It's understandable if your intention is to share with others to receive support and to have them commiserate. However, keep in mind that others will remember any statements or thoughts expressed. Although they can be deleted from your profile, they won't be erased from peoples' minds. You may want to think about whether this is how you feel the majority of the time or if this is a temporary emotion caused by a recent incident or realization.

4. Am I bored?

Feeling stuck and uninspired about life, you post with the hopes of gaining some excitement. This may be a deeper wake up call to look inward. Consider what drives you to become the best version of yourself. Think about what brings out your joy and motivates you to continue learning and growing. I am pretty sure that you won't find it on Facebook; it's waiting for you out there in the real world.

In some cases, social media may be the perfect way to express a part of ourselves that we've been too afraid to show in public. However, our online personae can eventually catch up with us in real life.

Do the inner work and know yourself well. What is the reason behind why you are posting a status? If something deeper arises, you may need to talk to someone, find other outlets of expression, or take the time to reflect.

Happy and healthy posting!

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