Are You Team Juice Or Team Smoothie? How To Pick A Side

People often ask me if green juicing or green smoothies are better for you. The short answer is that they're both extremely nutritious, but whether or not one is better for you depends on a few factors.

What's the difference?

Juicing removes the fiber (that’s the pulp you see in the waste reservoir) to give you an amazing health tonic: juice. Smoothies, on the other hand, are blended fruits and veggies, making a delicious blended drink that includes the fiber.

But which one is right for me?

Many people like to say that juices are better (more nutritious!) or smoothies are better (don’t waste that fiber!), but, just like everything in life, it’s not black and white! Sure, the fiber in smoothies contains antioxidants, but by removing the fiber in juicing, it also makes the nutrients in the juice almost 100 percent absorbable in your body.

This means that if you're healing from any chronic disease, like cancer or a digestive gut disorder, juicing is an excellent way to let your body do the healing it needs. Your body expends essentially no energy getting the nutrients from the juice, so you can heal without wasting energy on digestion. Juicing is especially great for people with digestive disorders that can’t tolerate much fiber but still need precious live, whole-food nutrients.

Smoothies, on the other hand, also have a high nutrient absorbability, although your body does expend a little more energy digesting smoothies (although much less than a typical meal). If you’re otherwise healthy, though, this isn’t a bad thing — it's a great thing, since most of us don’t typically get enough fiber. Smoothies are also excellent for weight loss and craving reduction, since they're packed with fiber, which keeps you full.

My rule of thumb for guiding clients is this: if you're an otherwise healthy person, make smoothies your go-to health beverage or morning breakfast replacement, and complement this with juices a few times a week. If, however, you’re battling a health issue, then make juicing your daily health tonic and complement with smoothies.

Are green juices or green smoothies easier?

For many people, smoothies are simply a little easier to implement on a daily basis; you can make them the night before and they stay good for a couple days. You can sweeten them with some delicious fruits, so you get a ton of greens without noticing it. They are also a bit cheaper.

Juices can be equally easy, but you have to get into your juicing rhythm and make it your daily ritual, since juices need to be consumed within about 30 minutes of making them in order to preserve the live enzymes.

Either way, by making green juices or green smoothies you're doing a tremendous favor for your body and your health. See? It’s that simple. There’s no right and wrong! Depending on your situation, you might use one more than the other.

Want to give the green smoothie diet a try? Hop on board my free 10-Day Green Smoothie Detox, starting this month. Want to learn about raw food and green juicing? Visit my website.

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