Why Changing Means You're Living A Radically Authentic Life

Written by Sara Courter

I've had the honor of being a MindBodyGreen contributing author for a year and a half now. I adore this community, and being published here truly was the catalyst for my realizing I CAN anchor my passion in purpose. The notion that I could share this passion for wellness and authentic living with the world was intoxicating.

It's interesting for me to look back on my journey as an MBG writer thus far. I see much growth, and much change. I can map my own personal journey over the past 15 months! I've done a lot of evolving. I've become even more dedicated to my own wellness. I shifted into an entirely plant-based diet and even chuckle rereading my "anti-labels" article where I call veganism "narrow-minded" or something like that. Hey kettle, you're black! I'm now totally vegan.

There's certainly nothing I've written that I would look at now and say, "That's bologna." But there are definitely shifts, little bits of growth, pockets where I've fostered more understanding, or a different perspective altogether. I'm sure many of you have experienced the same thing, perhaps even felt anxiety about it? Well you know what? That's OK. In fact, it's normal!

Authentic living involves change. If we stayed the exact same the whole time we were here on earth, wouldn't life be so terribly dull? It's in change that we grow, in discovery that inspiration is fueled. Life is an exploration! I suppose that's why we write in the first place. Consciously we write so that we can share with others. But deep down we write because we have emotions, thoughts and beliefs to process and digest. We may remain relatively unchanged in terms of what we think and believe, but the potential for growth within that stable framework is exponential. It's through better understanding of ourselves and this universe that we make space for abundance to come rushing in.

Change goes beyond the mental and physical. There's also behavioral change to consider, which is essentially a hybrid of the mental and physical change. Mindfully choosing to alter one's behavior; this type of change can have a huge effect on one's life, well-being and body.

For a spell in my late teens, I morphed into this diet soda-drinking, sugar and calorie free crazed, "I'd rather eat less and not have to exercise" girl. The thought alone makes me cringe.

I have always been very active and athletic, but this little spell of food fear and gym punishment are part of what most fuel my wellness dedication today.

I now wouldn't touch diet soda with a 10-foot pole. Instead, I opt for pure water, sometimes even mineral water, with a slice of lemon, cucumber or lime. I pass on the ice cream, which was loaded with sugar, calories and fat, and never agreed with my digestion anyway. Instead, I toss frozen bananas, cherries and cacao into my Vitamix. I used to consider staying up until 2 a.m. normal and sleeping until 11 a.m. appropriate. Now I rise early and retire early. I used to binge drink and binge eat. Now I don't even drink alcohol (a personal choice on my spiritual path) and I never overeat, out of kindness to the temple that is my body. I used to dread the gym and loathe the time I spent there. Now I unroll my yoga mat and, when leaving drenched in sweat, I sometimes feel baffled by the fact that I even just "worked out," because that's so not why I practice.

The byproduct of these changes? Living my most authentic life. Stepping into my authenticity. Feeling happier, and more myself, than I ever could have imagined.

Authentic living involves change. It's reality, and it's beautiful. Look back over your old journals, if you've kept them (which I highly recommend everyone do), and see how steadfast you've been in the past. Relationships, jobs, opinions, fears … we often become staunchly reliant on these titles, these attachments.

But they are not us. They're simply experiences we are having, lessons we're learning, research we are doing, if you will. It's OK for them not to change, but it's also OK if they do change. The mere fact that we live in bodies made up of cells changing with each passing second serves as a reminder that our subtle body is vibrating with as much energy as is our physical body. Where there is vibrational energy, there is unlimited potential for growth.

Change is good; change doesn't mean you're inauthentic. It means you're living the most on-the-pulse, radically authentic life you could possibly imagine.

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