11 Simple Ways To Savor Your Life

One of the things I notice among my peers (people who work in the health and wellness fields), is that we tend to give our all to others and neglect ourselves.

I declare that we should all have one full day in which we live deliciously! It's an opportunity to slow down—to find rituals in the day to day, to pamper ourselves a bit more, and to appreciate life in general.

It's a day dedicated to spoiling ourselves and allowing ourselves to do the things that just never quite make it into our daily schedule. (This does not include doing the laundry or other chores!)

Living deliciously for a day allows us to renew our spirit, feed our soul, and get in touch with our inner self, which in turn helps us be better at our chosen career and life.

Some of the rituals that go into making my delicious day are:

  1. Starting the day with something warming: tea, honey or an herbal tonic, followed by a green juice
  2. Massaging myself with essential oils that fit my mood—either an uplifting, calming, or spiritual blend.
  3. Bouncing on my mini trampoline—always puts a smile on my face
  4. Walking barefoot on the grass
  5. Relaxing in my lawn chair on the grass, reading a favorite book.
  6. Wandering aimlessly through the city
  7. Visiting a farmers' market, especially Union Square Green Market. (What else would a Nutritionist do?)
  8. Allowing some time to practice meditation, pranayama, and yoga
  9. Window Shopping - true to my Libra love of aesthetics, I just adore "visual shopping" - walking in & out of shops always lifts my spirits and gets my creative juices flowing - inspiring ideas of new DIY projects or finding little treasures to decorate my home or office.
  10. Taking a digital detox! This means unplugging my life—no emails, phones, TV, etc.
  11. Journaling—Something about just scrawling down my thoughts, dreams and goals is freeing.

I hope you've been inspired to live deliciously. You may be surprised at how powerful turning inwards and doing something just for YOU can be.

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