Hello, Glow! 5 Easy Ways To Get Your Best Complexion Ever

When is the last time you pampered your skin? With the everyday exposure to pollution, free radicals, and oxidation, it might be time to make this a priority. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and taking care of it depends on many factors, both internal and external. Here are some tips to keep in mind for a beautiful complexion:

1. Steer clear of products with harsh chemicals. 

The products we use make a big difference in our skin’s appearance. If you're using products with harsh ingredients such as sulfates or alcohol, you could be drying out your skin considerably and contributing to a condition. The pH level in some drugstore products is harsh on the skin, stripping our acid mantle layer, leaving us alkaline and exposed to bacteria. These harsh chemical detergents that bring instant gratification can actually contribute to our skin problems.

2. Avoid any product made with petrochemicals, parabens, and sulfates. 

Get to know your product’s ingredients. Depending upon your skin type (dry, normal, combo, oily, or sensitive), the products you use will be crucial to your skin treatment's success. Consult with a dermatologist or a skin care professional to help you get on the right track.

3. Limit your sun exposure to 15 minutes a day.

Sun exposure is the number one aging contributor, and a major cell damager. If you're in the sun on a daily basis or you constantly lay out for hours at a time, chances are your skin will be more wrinkled than your friend’s skin who stays out of the sun. As we all know, Vitamin D is naturally produced in the body when we stay in the sunshine for around 15 minutes a day. However, laying out for hours or in tanning beds increases your chances of getting skin cancer by 74% according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Your best protection? Avoid the sun and wearing protective clothing. Also, most sunscreens on the market are full of chemicals. I suggest looking into a natural broad spectrum sunscreen with an spf 30+.

4. Please don't smoke! 

Smoking contributes to asphyxiation of the skin, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. It affects the internal organs and shows on our skin.

5. Eat or juice your vegetables every day. 

Diet is a also a huge part of how our skin reacts. Eating or juicing vegetables on a daily basis will help the skin maintain the its balance and support cell renewal. I’ve even read about instances where a person's eczema cleared because of healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

Wellbeing is key to a long and healthy life. Fulfill your mind and body by treating yourself or someone you love to a European facial. You’ll be so glad you did and your skin will thank you later in life if you keep it up.

Want to know if you should you go Keto? Paleo? Deciding what to eat to feel your best shouldn’t be complicated. We’ve removed the guesswork to give you all the best nutrition tips & tools, all in one place. Ready to kickstart your health journey? We’re here to guide you.

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