Is Medicine Killing You?

Is medicine saving us, or killing us? Are doctors helping you, or harming you? Are you improving your health by taking prescription drugs, or are you decreasing your life expectancy? Are you getting the medicine you really need? Do you even know what kind of medicine that is?

These are the questions I answer in my third TEDx talk, which I delivered live at TEDxFargo, which was organized by Fargo community leader and Whole Health Medicine Institute physician Dr. Susan Mathison.

I had a meltdown on the plane on my way to Fargo because I knew what I would be discussing has the potential to be wildly controversial, and I wanted to ensure that my message was not misinterpreted by the very people I seek to serve—doctors and patients.

I reached out to one of my mentors, Brené Brown, and she talked me off the ledge with an email that guided me with exactly the advice I needed. I wound up rewriting my speech on the plane only one day before I gave the talk.

It's with a stomach full of butterflies and a wee bit of uneasiness I’m announcing this video today. Please tell me if you think I succeeded in gently but clearly illuminating what I think is a GINORMOUS blind spot for both the medical establishment and the majority of patients who seek medical attention, without blaming or shaming either patients or doctors.

Since TED’s motto is “Ideas worth sharing,” I ask that if this video resonates with you, please share it with anyone you know who you think might benefit from this message.

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