5 Ways To Beat Burnout

Recently, I was on the verge of a burnout. I had lost my perspective, and after much struggle and much tension, I decided to take a vacation. For two weeks, I did nothing on a beach in Central America. The agenda was to heal, to breathe, to let the answers come to me. I knew they were buried somewhere inside. Finally, I felt grounded. I knew that everything is OK exactly as it is.

So what can we do when we lose our momentum? How can we ensure that we'll eventually achieve our goals?

1. Be prepared to act when opportunity beckons.

Take time to rest and heal, but stay current. Stay strong. Stay conditioned. This way when opportunities show up, we are ready to take them.

2. Surround ourselves with others who help us to elevate, to inspire and to challenge us to be stronger.

Individuals who suck our energy and drag us down just aren't worth having around. It is hard sometimes to break free of toxic relationships, but after the initial loss comes incredible growth.

3. Decide to act with kindness and compassion in all of life’s musings.

We are all at our base kind and loving beings. We have it in us to help others, to find compassion rather than judgement. To soften our hearts. Kindness is like a magnet for generosity. The more kind and compassionate we can be, the more opportunities come our way.

4. When life gives you bruised tomatoes, make tomato sauce.

Invite friends to bring the wine. Happiness and optimism are a choice.

5. Recognize power.

Even when we're down, we possess a tremendous power. We can act mindfully. We can smile at strangers, we have the power to uplift one another- and then ourselves feel uplifted.

Sometimes when we're so focused on our goals, our tunnel vision prevents us from noticing or being objective about the necessary steps to achieving them. We can become so inefficient in our methods that working toward our dreams can be futile. Sometimes we need to step back, enjoy the view, have some gelato, take a food coma and then start walking again.

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