Have You Been Torturing Yourself With Disapproval For Years?

Repeat after me: The most important relationship you have is the relationship with yourself.

You know it’s true. But translating “truth” into “belief” (and “belief” into “action”) takes a little discipline. Let’s start with a powerful exercise:

Think about the way you relate to yourself.

  • Are you caught in a spiral of self-loathing and name-calling, every time you “mess up”?
  • Are you bitter and resentful about past events and long-gone pains?
  • Are you spun ‘round in a cloud of dangerous denial?

You’d never let someone else get away with such cruel, disrespectful shaming and blaming. If a lover or friend treated you with disdain, or made you feel unworthy, you’d give him the boot—for good. That type of behavior would be simply ... unacceptable.

So why would you allow yourself to engage in equally unacceptable behavior?

You wouldn’t. You couldn’t. But you do. Or at least ... you used to.

If you’ve tortured yourself with disapproval and fear for years, decades—or even your entire life—it’s time for a DIVORCE ... from yourself.

It’ll be messy. It might take time. But baby, there’s love and light on the other end (and zero legal fees—how sweet is that?)

Repeat after me (once more, for good measure):

The most important relationship you have is the relationship with yourself.

And to quote the brilliant playwright Oscar Wilde, “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”

Want to strike the match of fiery self-love? Start by leaving the past where it is. Most of us spend their our time lamenting about the past rather than paying attention to what we want now. True satisfaction with one’s self begins by leaping in the direction of your dreams despite potential road blocks.


Not necessarily.

Worth it?


Where can you be kinder to yourself?

The razor sharp slits of dissatisfaction you leave behind after a mental tongue lashing take their toll. THE declaration: to stop picking a fight with yourself.

  • The what: to start paying attention to your rightness.
  • The how: by focusing on activities and rituals that bring you front and center with your sexy, your mojo, your genius.

Little tip: any activity that nurtures your brilliance, innate interests and wellbeing. Anything that makes you feel a bit more whole.

Expecting over-night results?

Rewiring the brain for new behavior patterns can take some dedication. So when doubt slides in: take notice, hold the tongue lashing and practice, practice, practice honoring your rightness.

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