All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Cooking

In the kitchen, these simple lessons were repeated to me almost daily, even when I didn’t always realize that they were lessons until much, much later. Slowly I began to apply them to my life outside the kitchen. After decades of cooking almost daily, I think I’m finally catching on...

1. Trust your senses.

Cooks are always fussing with recipes. Each time we make something, we want to make it better than the last. We also know that sometimes we fuss too much, and that this rarely works out. This teaches us to trust our instincts.

2. Curiosity will get you everywhere.

Sometimes we add something new to the mix just to see what happens, just because we’re curious. This keeps us adventurous and always learning.

3. Necessity is the mother of some amazing creations.

We’re great at finding new uses for things because in a pinch, we’ve had to. And so we learned to be resourceful.

4. You gotta work with what you've got.

When we don't have an ingredient, we simply substitute it with another. We make do with what we have and hope for the best. So we learn to let go.

5. If we try something and it doesn't work, we begin again.

It's that simple.

6. We understand that sometimes we make mistakes, so we forgive ourselves.

This makes it easier to forgive others too.

7. There's no need to chase perfection. Trust that everything will work out.

We’re trained to trust because often our mistakes turn into something delicious.

8. You gotta see the bread before you bake the bread.

We look at a clump of dough and see the bread it will become, and so we learn how to envision.

9. You need balance.

We learn the importance of balance because every good recipe has it.

10. You also need priorities.

If we're missing an essential ingredient, we go get it, or we make something else. This sets our priorities straight.

11. Don't judge a meal until you taste it.

We know not to judge, because some of the ugliest looking things are the most exquisite to eat.

12. When you're generous, you enjoy everything more.

We’re inherently generous because we love sharing what we make.

13. Recipes are always changing, and so are we.

We know that recipes by their very nature are never static, and neither are we; we're always evolving. This brings us peace.

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