Feng Shui Tips To Turn Your Home Into A Happy Space

My feng shui work affords me the honor of going inside a lot of people’s homes. And I've seen all types of houses. They always reflect a story of the person’s mental and physical well-being, from the messy and cluttered kind, to the empty and lifeless kind, to the vibrant and inspiring ones.

This is important, because you have the power to change it!

As a feng shui student and teacher, I always explore the question about our homes, because so much of our environment is simply a mirror of our behavior, attitude, and thoughts. Why is a home such a big deal, anyway? What is its purpose? And what is the difference between a house and a home? Is your home supporting you or draining you?

All of my clients invite me in for a specific purpose, and regardless of their reason and timing, they all share one common goal: To be happy.

Let’s explore five easy ways to design and create a happy space for you:

1. Love what you live with.

I urge you to look around and give yourself an honest assessment of your belongings. Ask yourself: “What is all this crap?”

“Crappy” things — things that don't align with your happiness — only promote “yucky” energy. Keeping any object hierarchy is the same. You can't love one thing and not the other. If your things are in fact environmental affirmations, then are you willing to accept mediocre things and let them take up precious space, especially if they get under your skin or irritate you every time you see, smell, sit on, or touch them?

Sometimes you must keep an object you consider “crap,” maybe an ugly couch or an appliance that doesn’t work right, until you have the means to upgrade to something better. That’s OK. But set a goal to make that transition happen sooner rather than later.

2. Don't play by anyone's rules but your own.

One of the best things about living in a home is having the freedom to manifest your dreams with your space.

That’s because it’s yours! Nobody said the master bedroom had to be your primary sleeping quarter, or that you can’t turn your family room into a painting room.

If you feel compelled to change the functions of certain rooms — and it makes you happy — then do it (so long as it’s safe and legal, of course!). Make the house work for YOU, and adjust things when your needs and interests change, too.

3. Use feng shui principles in your daily life.

I've seen how feng shui, when done properly, can transform the person. Yes, I said person.

My teacher, Grandmaster Raymond Lo, once said, “The objective of a feng shui consultation is to help the people and not the house.” This statement couldn’t be truer.

Feng shui empowers you to use the influences of your own choices (such as your attitude and virtues) to work with your space in creating a happy and comfortable home. When you understand how the environment and the effects of time influence your luck, you can merge this knowledge and your personal actions into creating a happy home.

4. Change it up!

Feeling dull and uninspired? Move your items and belongings around. Avoid letting your house remain stagnant and dormant.

Believe me, there's nothing scary about moving things around, or hanging a different picture on the wall. Remember, you can always put things back in their original positions, or keep the receipts and return the goods. Nothing is permanent. And you are always allowed to change your mind. So get creative and have a little fun!

5. Give thanks.

Give thanks to all that you have, including that horrible looking fish head thing your uncle got you from his fishing trip. You have it because he loved you and thought to pick something up just for you. Gratitude keeps the heart at peace and it allows you to appreciate everything that you have and own, including the ones you're ready to let go.

If you've found other ways to create the happiest space for you, please share!

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