Q & A with Celebrity Trainer Joe Dowdell: Eating Healthy, Workout Tips & Abs!

Celebrity trainer and strength coach, Joe Dowdell, is one of the most sought after fitness experts in the world. Joe has trained celebs like Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Gerard Butler, and dozens of models from the Victoria Secret Catalog and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues.

Joe also owns a 10,000 square-foot training facility called Peak Performance in NYC which was recently voted by Men’s Health magazine as one of the top 10 gyms in America. His new book is called Ultimate You and there's no better person to talk to about getting in shape than Joe.

On top of all that, Joe is a great guy and a great athlete. (In yoga class next to me the other day, I peeked over and there was Joe, doing a headstand!)

MindBodyGreen: How do you start your day? What do you typically have for breakfast?

Joe Dowdell: First thing I do when I get up is feed my Rottweiler, Sky, her breakfast. Then, I jump in the shower, throw on my training gear and take her for a walk before bringing her to the gym with me. But, before we get to the gym, we stop at the deli and I pick up my morning coffee with half and half. Then, once I’m at the gym, I order three organic eggs on a platter with some salmon and a small green mixed salad.

I also take my morning supplements with my breakfast, which consists of 3-4 grams of Ultimate You Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules, 3 capsules of Ultimate You Metabolic Multi, 1 capsule of Ultimate You Vitamin D3 (2,000 IU), 1 capsule of probiotics, 1 capsule of Ultimate You Methylator and 2 capsules of Ultimate You HCl.

MBG: It's bikini season... any diet/workout tips/advice for someone who wants to get abs?

JD: Diet is key to getting lean and seeing your abs. The bottom line is a lean muscle is simply one with less fat on it. No amount of abdominal training is going to get you a six pack. Abdominal training will strengthen the muscle and even give it more tone, but it will not strip the fat away. A combination of the right nutritional intake, total body resistance training, high intensity interval training and proper recovery and regeneration techniques will give you the lean physique that you are looking for. For more information on these strategies, see my book, Ultimate You , where we cover all of these topics in depth.

MBG: What are the best foods for gaining lean muscle mass?

JD: In my opinion, organic, free range, lean meats, wild fish (especially salmon), organic eggs with omega 3’s, etc. along with lots of fibrous vegetables, some fresh fruit (apples, berries, etc.) and good fat (like avocado and olive oil) are all optimal foods for consumption.

MBG: What's your secret to eating healthy?

JD: I try to have some protein at every feeding. Protein raises the thermic effect of feeding (TEFF), so you actually burn more calories just in the process of trying to digest it compared to carbohydrates and fats. I also try to eat about every 3 & 1/2 to 4 hours, with 4 hours being ideal. If you eat too frequently, you can actually spike your insulin levels too often.

MBG: What's the one exercise that we probably don't know about that we should all be doing?

JD: For men, I like the Trap Bar Deadlift with Fat Gripz because it is a great total body exercise and with the addition of the Fat Grip devices, it will also help improve grip strength, which I find to be weak in many people.

For women, I love low pulley cable pull throughs. Since most women love to target their Glutes, this exercise not only hits the Glutes, but also the Hamstrings and Lower Back.

MBG: If you only had 15 minutes a day to workout, what would you do?

JD: I would do a total body metabolic strength training workout. I’d pick a series of 6-7 different exercises and do one right after the other (with just enough rest to move from exercise to exercise) until I completed the entire circuit. Then, I’d rest anywhere from 90-120 seconds and I would repeat it 2-3 more times.

MBG: Favorite healthy food?

JD: My favorite healthy food is free range, grass fed beef.

MBG: Favorite healthy snack?

JD: As far as a snack goes, I like half an apple with some organic almond butter.

MBG: Favorite food guilty indulgence?

JD: Every so often I like a couple of slices of good old NY pizza.

MBG: What are you currently working on?

JD: I’m working on a fitness product & program with a colleague of mine, Dr. Perry Nickelston. We are both really excited about the potential of this endeavor as we feel it has the potential to really make a very significant impact on the fitness industry.

In addition, Dr. Brooke Kalanick (my co-author for Ultimate You) and I are probably going to begin working on a Men’s Fat Loss book. In addition, we will continue to educate people on how to maximize their hormonal landscape for fat burning and overall health.

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