5 Tips To Detox With Green Smoothies

Written by Sarah Mae Ives

Have you ever started a strict detox only to give in during crisis mode about two days later (feeling like an utter failure)?

Me too.

We’ve been somewhat brainwashed to think that a “real” detox has to include tons of food restrictions, a drawn-out period of deprivation, and heaps of suffering.

It’s a marvel we even want to do detoxes anymore, but the carrot at the end of the stick (that mythical state of Nirvana) draws us in every time, doesn’t it?

Today I’m going to tell you that you can absolutely detox in a much more gentle way, yet reap the same rewards, thanks to green smoothies. In fact, I’ve helped hundreds of people do exactly that through my detoxes!

Why green smoothies help you detox

Many people come to me extremely surprised that they can detox with green smoothies. The process varies for everyone, depending on a number of factors like your current diet, stress load, and even mindset.

But the number one way that green smoothies provide a balanced detox is from the mix of chlorophyll contained in the greens, plus the high level of fiber to keep us steady. The chlorophyll shakes up our cells; in fact, it can encourage the release of toxins that have been sitting stagnant for years.

In addition, green smoothies boast a really high-fiber content, so you get a full sweep of your colon, too—two really important aspects of detoxing.

How to detox the easy way

You can still detox your system, to a wonderful degree, by just starting with two cups of green smoothie a day. It doesn’t require any deprivation at all, plus green smoothies sneakily eliminate cravings, too.

Green smoothies are fun – you get to experiment with a bunch of fruit and greens - while being extremely easy. They are portable, you can make them the night before and preparation takes about 10 minutes total.

If you get some undesirable side effects (many people don’t), like headaches, mild fatigue, or nausea, it should be pretty mild and only last a few days – nothing earth shattering, and you won’t have to call in sick to work.

You’ll be amazed when, in a short period of time, you’re feeling better, have more energy, your skin clears up and you have a good-for-you habit that naturally quashes cravings and nourishes your body with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and more.

See? Now detoxing doesn’t have to be so much of an emergency.

My top 5 tips to detox with green smoothies: 

Experience the magic of detoxing with green smoothies with the help of these tips:

1. Enjoy a green smoothie in the morning as a meal replacement. 

It's the easiest way to include green smoothies in your day. Aim to drink about 2 cups a day to start and work up to an amount that feels right. If you wish, add another cup or two in the afternoon, when you usually have an energy slump.

2. Aim for smoothies that are 60% fruit to 40% greens by volume. 

This will taste fantastic and keep you motivated.

3. Start with spinach. 

While it’s not the king of greens like kale is, spinach is what I call an amazing starter green because it's smooth to blend, mild in flavor and easy on the palate. Ideally you want to rotate your greens for optimal nutrition but you don’t have to hurry this.

4. Remember: you can mix up the ratio at anytime to suit your needs. 

If you experience detox side effects that are more than you can handle, scale back the greens back a bit (try 70% fruit and 30% greens temporarily), then slowly ramp up the green content in your smoothie over a few weeks.

5. Give it at least 3 weeks.

Stick to this routine—and experiment with many different green smoothies—for at least three weeks and ideally for two months. They say it takes three weeks to change your taste buds and two months to make a great habit. Remember: slow and steady wins the race. By trying different green smoothies, you won’t get tired of the taste.

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