How To Flip Failure Into Success

Did you know that the difference between success and failure is the ability to focus on achieving your goals, not on the problems? Sounds silly and simple, but it's true! Searching for solutions, rather than dwelling on problems, can increase your chances of success in achieving your goals.

Successful people focus on solving issues with positive outcomes, rather than wallowing in the problems that cause them. Getting your mind to focus and concentrate on success can be the difference between your success or failure.

But how do you do this? More importantly, how can you do this to change circumstances quickly and easily? How do you keep your mind focused so that you constantly achieve your goals and live the life you want? Use one of these three techniques to flip on your success switch and slide into a success mode: subconsciously, energetically or spiritually.


Your thoughts are a direct link to your subconscious mind. Disciplining them so that they focus on your goals is crucial to your success. If your mind isn't trained to focus on and achieve your goals, then you really have little chance of success. If it is, then your subconscious mind will also be focused on those goals and will attract the situations and opportunities for you to achieve the success you want. It's really that simple.


Our thoughts are energy. Our thoughts have substance. Directing your thoughts and energy to your success is critical to achieving your goals. See objects and blocks as challenges to solve, and you will. Outlook is as important as your thoughts and intentions in terms of your likelihood to succeed at something.


We are on this plane to evolve into our true spiritual nature. Poverty, suffering, loneliness, lack and limitation are not virtues; they're human vices. Happiness and living a life you desire is your right. Claim it. In doing so, you immediately raise your level of focus to a success mode in seeking your goals.

Any one of these areas will bring you a change into success mode. When using these methods, it’s all about consistency. If you combine them, the effect is more powerful, but what's important is you pay attention to it daily. It matters that you maintain your focus. You can't stay focused for short bursts of time and expect to get great, positive results.

You also don't need to spend hours meditating to use any of these methods or to see results. Just keeping your awareness on your thoughts for five or 10 minutes a day will increase your ability to concentrate and focus within a matter of days! Do it for weeks and months and you'll see dramatic results.

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