6 Steps To Make Your Juicing Habit Stick

One certainty in my health coaching program is that I introduce homemade juicing to each and every client. I've seen positive results and garnered positive feedback from EVERY client who's tried homemade juicing.

From increased energy levels to weight loss to being able to detect unhealthy ingredients in foods better due to the green juice habit.

So if you are new to juicing or want to start making your own homemade green juice to save money and be healthier, here are some tips on how to get started:

1. Buy a juicer.

You can get one for $100 or less and have it FOREVER. I would suggest starting with a cheaper juicer just to see if you'll stick to the routine. Once you've established the habit, you can then invest in a better, more expensive juicer. Another thing to consider is to get a juicer that makes your clean-up a snap. Some juicers, particularly the ones with blades, will require you to scrub the pulp from the blades with a brush. Other juicers, like the cold-press juicers, only require a quick rinse.

2. Make room in your fridge for all the fruits and veggies you will be buying.

Actually, you should designate one entire shelf for your juicing ingredients. Keeping a visual reminder to make juice in the morning will keep you on the juicing habit. Make a list of all the ingredients you'd like in your green juice. Keep in mind that you may want to adjust the taste along the way depending on how sweet you like your juice and what nutrients you need. Make time in your schedule, like on a Sunday afternoon, to stop by a farmers' market or your grocery store to stock up on your week of juicing ingredients.

3. Buy a portable container to hold your juice.

We want this habit to stick, and the best way to guarantee that is to have one container that you use to put that green juice in so that you can drink it on the go. I love the lead-free mason jars with handles, lids and straws. So convenient, and they keep the juice nice and cold. Or you can get a BPA-free plastic water bottle and put your juice in there.

4. Get a cutting board and a ceramic knife.

This duo together will make the prep fast and easy. Ceramic knives slice and dice so smoothly! No fighting with celery sticks to get them to fit into your juicer! Always designate a cutting board for fruits and veggies and another for meat and fish if you're not a vegetarian. Never use the same cutting board for both because of potential contamination from bacteria.

5. Keep garbage bags nearby to catch all the pulp.

Depending on which juicer you buy, most of them will have a separate container to catch the pulp and another to catch the juice. I like to put a plastic bag in the pulp container so that once I'm done, all I have to do is pull out the bag, tie it up and throw it out immediately. Leave the pulp sitting around and you'll risk having fruit flies all over your apartment! Make cleanup quick and easy so that you're more likely to stick to your daily green juice routine.

6. Start TODAY! 

You must have the inner desire to want to be healthier and the dedication to stick to the habit of making one daily green juice. It's actually the most important thing that you need for successful homemade juice making, so get going!

Cheers to saving money AND looking and feeling GREAT!

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