How To Recover Mindfully From An Injury

Everyone is going to suffer an injury at some point. Being sidelined and sedentary can feel extremely isolating and debilitating when you’re prohibited from something you love and with which you identify. 

Sometimes, we can heal physically, but we've done some real damage to our psyche. Sneaky infections such as negativity can hinder our perception of this misfortune.

From onset to recovery, here are some mindful concepts for preventative care to keep you moving onward and upward.

1. Don't play the blame game. 

It was them. It was me. It was the equipment. Choosing to find fault or gain insight can have a drastic influence over our perspective. Assigning blame implies a sense of control. We have no reign over anything outside of us. Accidents happen for reasons that are beyond rationale. We can grow from an experience when we can realistically identify what effective change is within our capacity.

2. Remember: there is no need to punish yourself. 

Our bodies define our mortality and right now the confidence in our abilities is bruised. Judgements usually start appearing in such forms as: I’m too old for this. This is wrong. That was stupid.

The human body and mind is supreme of all mammals because of its vast dexterity to be resourceful and creative. We will find strength and courage once again. Move on to the next stage as quickly as possible.

3. Find forgiveness. 

The course of discovery is part of learning anything and we have to accept it as such. Allow yourself the space to make mistakes. It is human to err. That’s the problem with having vast abilities (see above). We will spend a lifetime figuring out how to manage these ever-changing vessels of flesh and bone that are controlled by an elusive psychological command center.

4. Strengthen your weakness.

Injuries usually occur in the places where we’re most vulnerable. Besides this physical manifestation, it can also be a signal that our mental approach may need treatment. Maybe we need to be more mindful when we get too excited. Maybe that evasive ego led the way or we overshot the definition of what “fit” means. This is a great time to revisit our intention and our priorities for why and how we participate in our activities.

5. Don’t rush. 

Letting your body do its own repair work is going to take as long as it takes. If we hurry and try to accelerate the process we can become re-injured. Be grateful for every day you see progress but don’t get too ahead of yourself. It’s like cooking a juicy stew; low and slow.

6. Stay disciplined. 

You may think the d-word got you into this mess but in fact, it’s exactly what you need to get better. No matter how many times you salt-soak, apply a hot-cold treatment, or go to physical therapy, consistent repetition is the main ingredient that every remedy needs to be effective.

7. Keep going. 

An injury is hardly a reason to quit. It’s a time to recalibrate with a fresh approach or a new pursuit. The important thing is to stay energetic and open to new possibilities!

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