Stressed Out? Let It Be A Wake-Up Call To Transform Your Life

Stress is not the problem, they way we respond to it is. After many years of working as a therapist with people facing high levels of stress, I have discovered that stress is an alarm bell for transformation. If we have the courage and wisdom to listen to it, we can use our stress to transform our lives.

Here are my 5 tips to master stress.

1. Let stress be the alarm bell that it's time to take good care of yourself. 

Use the discomfort in your body and mind as a prompt to stop, listen, and make change. Balance the stress levels with the self care activities that you know will nourish and relax you. Eat well, exercise daily, meditate, express yourself, write, dance, sing, paint, have a long bath, get a massage, spend time in nature, book a weekend away or a holiday.

2. An increase in pressure requires an increase in space, so use the stress alarm to create more space in your day. 

Delegate some tasks to others to free up your time. Allow children and work colleagues to do tasks for themselves that they are capable of. Give yourself one minute to breathe and just be, in between your doing tasks. Clear out the clutter in your home, office, and life so that it is simplified and filled with only people, activities, and objects that are of high value to you.

3. Ask for help. 

You don't have to do it all yourself. Your community are your tribe who are there to help lighten the load. There are also therapists and coaches out there who can guide you through a stressful time, step by step. Behind every great achievement is a great support team.

4. Stress often signals the areas where we feel the most insecure. 

Use stress as a time to reveal the depths of darkness within and let go of some of the baggage you've been carrying. At the depths of stress are some sweet lessons to be learned. Hidden among the discomfort are the keys to us finding joy and sweetness. (After all, stressed spelled backwards is desserts! Ha!) If we have the wisdom and courage to investigate our stress, then the joy of our true nature is uncovered.

5. Change your perception. 

Stress is a call from within guiding us to see the big picture of life. To see the value and growth in the tough times. To make the necessary changes in our lives to thrive. To laugh at ourselves and see the playful side of life rather than the seriousness. To enjoy the simple things in life and to cherish the moment that is here... exactly as it is.

Stress is a reminder of our humanness and our preciousness. You are a magnificent being and stress is your reminder to live your life in honor of this simple truth. So get to it dear ones!

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