Goodbyes Don't Have To Mean Drama. Make Them Beautiful.

You crave it, and it craves you.

The romance.

The career.

The chance.

So you start hoping, plotting, aspiring, and reaching. You make a well thought-out plan to get it. There is strategy, accountability, and there are to-do lists and monthly objectives.

And one day? You get it.

It's a love affair of shiny goodness. Elation and met expectations.

It doesn't get any better than this!


Fading, fleeting, crumbling, deteriorating, "IT" begins to die.

You resist and repress until goodbye becomes painfully, obviously imminent.

Damn it, you tell yourself, I hate goodbyes.

They never go well. 

I'm no good at this.

Goodbyes are awkward at best and dismantling at worst.

With your focus on the impending loss, you visualize the words "the end" flash in neon across your heart.

You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you rationalize.

You hate to put anyone through pain.

It crushes you to see that look on anyone’s face.

So you delay, ignore, fail to return calls, miss meetings, forget to make the payment.

All the while, you’re (inadvertently) twisting the blunt knife of avoidance to deadly depths.

There's a better way, brilliant one.

Ditch the drama.

Goodbyes don't need to be riddled with defensiveness, apathy, or disrespect. You have a choice.

What if you aspired, instead, to create only beautiful goodbyes?

Regardless of how 'they' may act or how unnerving the circumstance may be.

What if you could wrap each ‘ending’ up into a cocoon of pleasant closure?

You can. But vigilance is required.

Refuse to be distracted by the pain of goodbyes.

Is the sadness, real? Of course. But it’s only PART of the experience of saying adieu.

Celebration is also available to you.

Choose it.

Respect your life more and demand an answer to the question

  • What worked?
  • How did I grow as result of this?
  • What was beautiful about this?

Then: tell them.

OR if this goodbye is just between you and the past ... bow your head and whisper to your heart.

Muster the bravery to very lovingly, calmly say:

I loved you while I could. As best as I could. With all I could.

Thank you for you. 

When I had you.

Good luck.

A goodbye that honors the pain of parting and the joy of the experience is a real gift to mankind. It echoes a respect for humanity’s light and dark sides.

Thank you, goodbye.

Helllllloooo, here and now!

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