14 Everyday Ways To Celebrate Being Alive

Written by Dana Flynn

Today is my birthday and marks 25 years that I've been practicing yoga. That's 25 years of showing up at the mat, listening and letting go, of finding God. After a lot of trial and error, today I believe I'm living the best version of my life. I feel centered and genuine and so free to be me. And each day I celebrate being alive, surrounded by truly amazing people.

So in the spirit of all the sayings we heard as kids, here are 14 soulful and spirited tips on the things that make me feel super alive in my life. Family, now is the time of your life. So, Be Here NOW!

1. Love the one you're with.

And, by this, I mean YOURSELF. If you're usually on the bottom of the list, put yourself on top.

2. Don't talk to strangers? No, you must talk to strangers!

Know why? Because when you do, they become less strange. If I never talked to strangers I wouldn't have any friends!

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3. Be interested in what comes out of your mouth.

Words can be forgiven, but they can never be taken back.

4. Remember: Giving is the new receiving.

Instead of me me me, do re mi!

5. Get lost and found!

You can't be found if you don't get lost. Explore yourself, but don't forget to look down and see where your feet are standing. Realize that you're exactly where you need to be.

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6. Put your parents on your altar.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Know and celebrate where you came from and all that you are. (Embracing this might require some pranayama practice.)

7. Be a bumper sticker.

Express yourself, through yourself!

8. Break out into spontaneous acts of wildness.

Do a handstand on the Brooklyn Bridge. Mix your stripes with polka dots. Funk it UP. Pick daisies with your toes. Put your iPod on and dance with complete abandon wherever you are—in the subway, on 42nd street or as you slide into your yoga class. Whistle, wink, wave and when in doubt smile. Any one of these will bring the sun out and become a cosmic boomerang.

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9. Go out and see the world.

Try everything, taste everything, touch everything. Live a life jam-packed with adventure and meet your Big mystical family. They've been looking for you!

10. Travel light.

Highlight your LIFE by lightening your load. You'll find you need much less of everything than you think.

11. Move like YOURSELF!

Do YOU, VIP! Let your authentic self come shining through.

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12. Say it with me: There are no mythtakes, it's all a myth.

Better yet, say it with a lisp, and make as many as you can.

13. Don't worry, be happy.

Remember the song? Download it and put it in your iPod. It's the mantra of a lifetime...And, here's an extra one for the road.

14. Feel the blessings.

They're everywhere. Breathe them on in.

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