Christina Hendricks Covers Health Magazine

35-year-old, Christina Hendricks, of Mad Men, graces the July/Aug cover of Health magazine where she talks about body image, having a healthy attitude toward food, her workout, and more:

On body image:
I guess my mom raised me right. She was very celebratory of her body. I never heard her once say, “I feel fat.” Back when I was modeling, the first time I went to Italy I was having cappuccinos every day, and I gained 15 pounds. And I felt gorgeous! I would take my clothes off in front of the mirror and be like, Oh, I look like a woman. And I felt beautiful, and I never tried to lose it, ’cause I loved it. [Laughs.]

On having a health attitude toward food:

It’s like Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution—real, good foods. It’s OK if I have avocado and olive oil and all these delicious things, you know? I don’t feel guilty about that.

Christina's workout:
I get kind of bored on the treadmill, but I do it. And I do a little bit of weight training. I’m really into the BOSU ball. You have to balance on it, and I do weights and squats on it. I’m pretty good at it, I feel sort of like a Karate Kid.

Guilty food indulgence:
I like salty, creamy foods. I could sit down with a bag of chips and French onion dip and go to town!

How does Christina relax? She knits!

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