Don't Believe Everything You Think, Especially When You're Afraid

I’ve heard it before and I am not having it.

Not. at. all.

Don’t tell me you’re afraid of opening up or that you're afraid of:



or love.

Because you’re not.

So what is it—really—that’s blocking you from your awesome? 

What’s causing you to keep running into the same damn brick wall?

Fear. To be specific, fear of PAIN.

Our nature is to avoid pain at all costs. I’m not intimating that fear of pain is not legitimate. Of course it is! It’s part of our humanity. I’m just suggesting it’s not nearly as reasonable of an excuse as you think.

Don’t allow pain to remain as pain. It has to evolve.

Be kneaded out.

Transform it into material you can work with.

Know with every fiber of your being that what you want the most: the relationship, the career, the body, the chance—all lie on the other side of your willingness to change.

It’s time to proactively change your relationship with pain.

Yes, it was a bad relationship. But they all don’t have to be! Feel the pain of it potentially not working out and call him back anyway.

Yes, there was a poor career choice (or a few poor career choices). That major blunder in front of the new client? It was a doozy!

Launched it, made it, shipped it, and it failed? Painful. None a good enough reason to not take a second (or 52nd) go at it.

Pain will lie to you. 

Pain will miscommunicate. It will tell you you are not good at relationships and shouldn’t bother.

That you’re a failure as an entrepreneur and should just go get a "safe" job.

That you’re terrible at saving money, so why start now?

That you’ve always been overweight, so what’s the point of a jumping on the treadmill today?

Pain will lie to you, and you will be tempted to believe it and limit yourself to a world that is small, safe, and predictable.

You will suffocate, here, but you don't have to.

Feel the legitimacy of your pain.

Mine it for gems of wisdom.

But refuse to allow it to keep you from what you want the most.

There is no real brick wall, roadblock or insurmountable obstacle.

Just your illusory version of one.

The ultimate antidote to pain?


Act now.

After all….it’s just pain, which is hardly a final curtain.

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