Top Chef Tom Colicchio Goes to Capitol Hill

Top Chef star and award-winning chef/restaurateur, Tom Colicchio, testified on Capitol Hill yesterday in support of the "Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act."

I thought the highlight of Colicchio's testimony were his closing remarks:

There can be no better investment – no better stimulus to our economy – than feeding this nation’s children healthily and well. If we give the kids in this country delicious and nutritious food, we will instill in them a lifetime preference for healthy eating that will translate into vast savings in health care costs down the line. Providing the building blocks for millions of kids to grow and develop as they should, will mean a population of robust and productive adults, and a more competitive America. Malnourished kids aren’t capable of vision and ideas, and without that we are relegating this great nation to a future of mediocrity and poor health.
You can watch the video of Tom's testimony below:


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