Not Feeling Awesome About Your Body? This Is For You.

Written by Louise Jensen

Body confidence isn’t something that comes naturally to many of us. With the airbrushed images we see on billboards and magazines, is it any wonder we sometimes feel we don’t measure up?

Next time you’re feeling less-than-awesome, give these tips a whirl: 

1. Talk to yourself as you'd talk to others. 

You wouldn’t go up to your mum and say, “Wow, your thighs are flabby,” or look at your best friend and say, "The sight of your stomach makes me sick." So don’t do it to yourself.

2. Thank your body for all the good things it can do. 

It's as simple as this: I can walk to the top of the hill with my strong legs and see the beautiful view with my eyes. We are amazing and yet often to forget to include ourselves when being thankful.

3. Make a list of your good attributes. 

Just jot them down on your phone or on a piece of paper ... Wow, you’re kind, honest, funny? So then who cares about a little cellulite?

4. Think of yourself in a more positive, loving way.

When was the last time you paid a friend a compliment? When was the last time you paid yourself a compliment? Exactly: While it can feel like a totally alien concept to be kind towards ourselves, the more we practice this, the more we believe it to be true. I am beautiful and perfect. You are too.

5. Tell that negative voice in your head to shut the hell up. 

I used to feel trapped in a spiral of self-criticism so I started to write down my thoughts. Seeing in black and white how unrealistically I compared myself to others was somewhere between laughable and shocking. (I am fat and have no purpose .... Really??) Analyzing my incredibly long list point-by-point, I couldn’t believe I'd wasted so much energy in a negative way and consciously made a change.

6. Stop waiting to appreciate all you've got today. 

Confidence won’t magically appear when you lose weight, change jobs or alter relationships. Write a list right now of 10 things you are happy with and carry it with you. Refer to it often and add to it when you can. Gratitude leads to love, and when we are experiencing self-love, it's impossible to be self-critical.

7. Believe in yourself, if you don't how can you expect anyone else to?

Think positive things often enough and they will become your way of thinking. You'll naturally be experiencing confidence before you know it—how awesome would that be?

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