Ready To Diversify Your Practice? Start With These 7 Fun Yoga Styles.

Written by Tamara Jacobi

Ever been stuck in a yoga rut? When I first discovered yoga I focused all my attention on one teacher and one specific series of poses. I bought a DVD, brought it with me to the jungle and practiced it religiously. A decade later I was still practicing the same routine.

The result? I fell into a yoga rut. To be frank, my yoga routine bored me to death and my mind wandered as I counted the minutes before I was done. Sure, I was practicing yoga, but my body was no longer challenged or stimulated by it. It was definitely time for a change.

Sound familiar? Are you ready to diversify your yoga practice? Check out these unique yoga styles. Sure, you’ll enjoy some more than others, but remember to enjoy the journey!

1. Yoga for your body type. 

Do you know your Ayurvedic dosha yet? If you don’t, you better get on it! Understanding whether you’re a Pitta, Vata or Kapha dosha (body type) can give you tremendous insight into what your unique body and mind need to find balance. When it comes to yoga, Ayurvedic classes can be specifically designed to balance your dosha, or mood of the day. Pretty cool right?

2. Yoga sculpt.

As an athlete, I used to think that yoga and weight or strength training were very different things. Wrong! Yoga sculpt classes use light weights to help sculpt and tone your body as you stretch and move through a series of yoga poses. Yoga sculpt is not only an excellent workout; it's also a powerful gateway to meditation. As your muscles burn you probably won’t be thinking about the stresses of the day! Yoga sculpt classes are also great for boosting the metabolism and offering the body new strength and flexibility. You may feel muscles you never knew you had.

3. Stand-up paddleboard yoga. 

Welcome to the essence of balance and a new yoga challenge. You’ve probably seen a rise in the popularity yoga on paddleboards in the last few years. If you’ve been standing on the sidelines, it’s time to give it a try! Pretty much anyone can begin practicing simple yoga postures on a paddleboard, especially in flat water. Once you’ve found your balance, SUP yoga can take your yoga practice to a whole new level by adding a new element of core strength, intense focus, and single-minded concentration. Plus, you’re outside, in nature, on the water... bliss!

4. Aerial yoga.

Crazy? I admit, I was hesitant to give this try. An aerial acrobat/yoga teacher had traveled thousands of miles to hang her silks in my jungle trees. She absolutely insisted on giving me lesson. Though my knees were shaking slightly, I simply couldn’t refuse. I’m so happy she didn’t let me say no! Practicing a few simple aerial yoga moves had my adrenaline pumping, sharpened my concentration and challenged my body and mind in a wonderfully unique way. Once I found balance and relaxed into the poses I experienced a tremendous sensation of freedom and relief. I can’t wait until the silks make their way back to the jungle.

5. Yoga for athletes. 

Athletes often set themselves up for muscular imbalances and injuries. Yoga to the rescue! Yoga for athletes is a practice that's specifically designed to balance and heal overused muscles. If you're an athlete or active person, these classes will empower you to better understand your unique body, give you insight into where you might be tight or weak and potentially make you a stronger athlete. Want more focus on your favorite sport? Try yoga for runners, yoga for bikers or even yoga for football players!

6. Yoga for [Enter your health challenge here]. 

From yoga for digestion and yoga for healthy knees, to yoga for stress reduction and headaches, there are yoga classes that can zoom in on specific health challenges and support healing. Before you hit the medicine cabinet, try out a healing yoga class. Ask your body what it needs today and seek out a yoga class that can help you find balance.

7. Restorative yoga.

You’re probably familiar with this one, but I still believes it deserves special mention. Many of us are so focused on the idea of yoga for fitness and strength that we forget about the power of yoga for relaxation and deep inner calm. This has been called the dessert of yoga for a reason. Restorative yoga is definitely worth a try.

Have fun with these! Don’t be afraid to step out of your yoga comfort zone and try something new. If yoga classes in your area are limited, be sure to check out yoga classes online, or join me for my upcoming Jungle Yoga and Adventure Retreat! I look forward to practicing yoga with you amidst the swaying palms.

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