If You Look For The Good, You Will Find It

While on family vacation in Ocean City, NJ I went for a run and overheard a woman badmouthing her husband (no judgment, we've all been there). She was telling her friend how her husband had made her this amazing gourmet dinner, yaddah yaddah, but that he DIDN'T CLEAN THE BATHROOM, among a host of other transgressions.


But he made her a gourmet dinner! I thought, "Why is she focusing on the bathroom and all the other stuff he didn't do?" HE MADE HER A GOURMET DINNER!

This hit home with me, since I've been married for almost 19 years and yes, I focus on my husband's flaws more than I should.

After eavesdropping on this woman, it reminded me of my mantra: "What you look for, you will find." The next day I chose to look for my husband's good qualities.

Here's what I found:

  • He's super thoughtful.
  • He's kind and chivalrous not only to me and my children but to my friends.
  • He's incredibly generous.
  • He's happiest when others are happy.

If we look for what's wrong with ourselves, our loved ones, and our lives, we'll find plenty of things to complain about. But if we look for the greatness in ourselves, our loved ones, and our lives, we will find plenty of things to celebrate, too. Both take equal amounts of energy, so why not choose the latter?

This week, let your mantra be: "What you look for, you will find," then look for ONLY the good!

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