8 Easy Ways To Feel Great Instantly

As an international yoga teacher and healer, I know that life is a journey and the path to our dreams isn't always smooth! My clients frequently ask me for ways to better handle the bumps on the road. Here are eight simple — yet effective — tricks to feel great. I hope that they inspire you to create a life that brings you much joy and happiness!

1. Breathe deeply into your heart.

One of the fastest ways you can feel better is to breathe deeply and fully, especially when you breathe into your heart. Close your eyes, relax and breathe all the way into your heart. Imagine your heart expanding and filling with love.

2. Smile for absolutely no reason.

Smiling invites happiness, and happiness has the ability to attract more happiness. When you smile, other people tend to smile too. This one small act has the power to transform the whole world into a much happier and more joyful place.

3. Read something that totally delights you.

Read something that captures your imagination. Reading is an instant way to travel the world, experience different eras, countries and people, without even having to leave your house!

4. Buy yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Something quite magical happens when you buy yourself unexpected treats. Let today be the day that you surround yourself with gorgeous flowers. Choose a bunch of your favorite colors. Let their beauty uplift and inspire your day.

5. Grow fresh herbs.

Growing fresh herbs with love and seeing them come to life has the ability to boost your self-confidence. Every time you look at them, let them connect you to nature. Every time you eat them, let yourself be reminded of the little joys that are always present in living, fresh food. Start small with either basil, parsley or mint.

6. Reconnect with your inner artist.

Put your creative hat on! Notice and ask what your inner artist feels moved to do. Does she want to write, draw, sing or paint? Be creative. Give yourself permission to play and experiment. Be curious. If you haven't already completed the 12-week course in The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, do so now. If you've already done it, consider that now might be the perfect time to take yourself on an Artist's Date.

7. Write a love note by hand, then send it.

Show how much you love someone and appreciate them being in your life, by sending them a beautiful love note. Handwritten cards filled with love make a very unexpected, but welcome surprise! This one simple act has the potential to light up someone's day. Go on, send a love note (or two) today.

8. Live with courage and trust.

When you live with courage and trust in your heart, it’s much easier to say yes; yes to life and yes to new adventures. Stay present and be open to stepping boldly into the unknown. Consider doing something that you’ve admired in others, but only ever dreamed of doing. What would happen if you let today be the day that you decide to say yes? Be brave! Wear bright colors, go on that art course or book that yoga retreat.

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