How To Deal With Cancer

Dealing with cancer can feel overwhelming. Support comes from reliable insights about how to successfully move through the cancer journey for improved quality of life and cancer survival. These priorities will help you optimally navigate through cancer.

1. Feel your emotions.

If you're feeling waves of distress when dealing with cancer and other aspects of your life, you must feel them. Don't block the emotions in your body. Move into and through them, then release your emotions. The other consequence will be blocked energy in your body that can enforce dis-ease.

2. Ask for support.

Nobody goes through cancer alone. Each sufferer needs to receive support in connections and community, including from family and friends. Identify what's best for you, and even create an online support schedule.

3. Explore conventional cancer treatments.

Fully explore if you need conventional cancer treatments. Seek out the best information from the most reliable experts and other resources. Collect multiple opinions and ask quality questions. Acquire support in that process to ensure your navigation is top notch.

4. Create an integrative cancer care plan.

Tend to more than the cancer diagnosis, and instead address the whole person. Along with any necessary conventional cancer treatments, integrative cancer care for the whole person addresses the entire physical body, mind, spirit, social, and environmental health. Integrative cancer care improves quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention. Time is of the essence to create an integrative cancer care plan.

5. Get help from a cancer coach.

Navigation with cancer toward optimal health and healing often involves a lack of clarity about where to go and what to do. Life is better with help, both while seeking improved quality of life and in pursuing cancer survival. Choosing to work with a cancer coach helps patients and caregivers optimize the healing plan during and beyond cancer treatment.

6. Continue self-advocacy.

Self-advocacy impacts health and healing outcomes for people with cancer. Along with daily self-care through sleep, reduced stress, healthy foods, positive thinking, exercise, and other wellness practices, self-advocacy requires actions to navigate through the journey. Do not realm in resistance. Engage movement forward.

7. Understand curing vs. healing.

Along with curing cancer, cancer patients profoundly benefit from focusing on healing. The route whatever healing works is unique to each person. Thinking about what healing and curing mean to you may offer new insights, self-knowledge, awareness, goals, aspirations, and action. Healing often involves resourcing and restoring wholeness.

8. Know that healing takes time.

Healing doesn't occur overnight. The process for change and improvement takes time. Create positive shifts. Through evolution, you'll benefit from maintaining your healing focus. Learn to fully embody self-love.

9. Believe in yourself.

Strive to really believe in yourself. You can make any modifications and enhancements during your healing journey when necessary. Release any fear. Further develop trust. Continue to utilize quality actions for change.

10. Maintain a commitment to your whole person.

We are not body parts. Each human being exists through integrated components of self. All of those parts create your whole. As you further connect with deeper levels of yourself, your healing process will blossom. Remember that integrative cancer care for the whole person improves quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention.

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