How I Transformed My Life To Beat An Eating Disorder

When I was a teenager, I had a serious eating disorder. Whenever I didn't feel all right, I would start stuffing myself with whatever food I could find.

I would go on until there was no room left in my stomach, then I would run into the bathroom and throw everything up.

Because I was terribly ashamed, I didn't tell anyone about my bulimia. And because I looked fairly normal and was very good at hiding my binge eating, no one knew what was going on behind the scenes.

In my early twenties, however, I was not only suffering from an eating disorder, I was also depressed, codependent AND I was about to marry the wrong guy for the wrong reasons.

Boy, I was a complete mess!

But you know what? I'm actually glad I was.

Because after realizing that my fiancé was so not the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, it also dawned on me that I had to get my act together. After all, tomorrow simply won't be better if you don't start making changes today, right?

First, I joined a yoga class. This really helped me get to know my own body better and totally boosted my self-esteem. Then I discovered nutrition therapy and vitamin cures, which made it possible for me to let go of old eating patterns.

Did you know, for example, that massive doses of vitamin C reduce food cravings? Or that juice fasting alters your appetite?

Becoming a vegetarian was another step that pushed me into the right direction, as it brought more balance into my life. So did running and mindfulness. Today, I'm healthier and in better shape than ever before. I'm perfectly happy with my relationship with food, my spouse, my kids, and with myself.

Of course, changing my life and breaking old patterns wasn't always a piece of cake. Even though I'm actually a nutritionist and mindfulness coach now, I have crappy days, too.

But ONE thing I can promise you: if you take one step at a time and really want tomorrow to be brighter than today, anything is possible.

You just have to get your act together!

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