Whiteflash Diamond Pendant Giveaway WINNER!

First, a hearty thank you to everyone who entered to win this awesome conflict-free diamond pendant (worth $280) from our friends at Whiteflash. We wish we could give prizes to all of you, but alas, there can only be one winner today (and 5 runner-up winners!). It is our hope that the content we put together for you each day will serve as a meaningful consolation.

So, drum roll please...

The 1st place winner of the Whiteflash Giveaway who wins this diamond pendant is Meg Zirm!

Meg's winning entry: "There are many reasons why purchasing conflict-free diamonds is important to me.  To begin with, a diamond is meant to be a symbol of unyielding love.  Being aware of the war, violence, death and cruelty surrounding the diamond industry, there is no way I am believe in the symbol of a diamond without thinking of the harsh reality. I am at a point in my life where my boyfriend and I have discussed marriage.  When thinking of where to purchase an engagement ring I was blocked by the thought of where the diamonds come from. I want a diamond that truly symbolizes the true beauty of a diamond, a brilliant and everlasting stone from Earth, rather than the harsh brutality the industry of diamonds has become."

Our 5 Runners-Up Winners who will win t-shirts and calendars from Whiteflash:

Kathy Conway-Thompson - "Seeking out goods and services conflict free connects you to others who not only need your dollars but the energy released from your heart and your consciousness.   It should be the DNA within all commerce!."

Asia Andrade - "Bling is not beautiful if there's suffering involved. My dollar counts, and I want it to matter. Having money I've spent go towards fueling wars and human suffering is exactly the opposite of my desire. “I'll buy you a diamond ring, my friend If it makes you feel alright."

Andy Ventresca - "Conflict free to me is important because of harmonic resonance. We are all interconnected through our consciousness – when one of us hurts, we all hurt (whether or not we realize it or not). So we must all be aware of this harmonic resonance and feel (empathize) for one another."

Michelle Willard - "Conflict free is knowing the families who work mining these diamonds together aren’t doing so in vain. Buying conflict free means I support ethical mining practices, free of tragic abuse, free of blood, free from terrorism. Buying only conflict free will begin erasing unethical practices one diamond at a time."

Kayla Coan - "Buying with confidence is not easy. We are always questioning ourselves if it’s real, and the best price. Conflict-free is the best choice possible and so happy that my fiance bought my engagement ring from Whiteflash in Dec 2009. We will always buy with confidence and be better global citizen."

We'll be emailing all of the winners above and asking for your addresses. Your prizes will then be mailed.

Finally, thanks to Whiteflash for sponsoring this promotion. To learn more about Whiteflash, please visit their website.

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