Yes, You Can Regain Control Of An Insane To-Do List

Written by Liz Brazier

You’re busy. Life is busy. You feel each day ends with your head barely above water. What can be done to move forward and regain control? These five things may help:

1. Get clear on what matters. 

What needs action, what would be nice to have done, and what doesn’t matter this week? Spend 20 minutes with your to-do list and figure out what your true priorities are. Circle the tasks that matter most and focus on those.

Tip: Make your to-do list easily accessible and keep it in one place.

2. Spend your time wisely. 

If you catch yourself talking about how busy you are, stop. Review how you spent your time last week. How many minutes (hours?) were spent watching TV, complaining, and gossiping? Constantly checking Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? Those are big and addictive time sinks! No judgments here, nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure. The goal is to help free up your time and energy to get things done!

Tip: DVR your favorite show and treat yourself to that. Once it's over, turn off the TV before another show distracts you.

3. Take action now. 

If the task takes less than two minutes, do it then and there. Don’t keep walking past what needs to be done. For bigger tasks that are top priorities, remember the perfect moment may never come. Do it now.

Tip: If you can, ask a family member or friend to help. 

4. Make no the new yes

Are there items on your to-do list that you can politely decline or give to someone else? Have learned to say no next time? Take a good look at your list and realize where a yes needs to be turned into a no. It will save you time in the future.

Tip: Practice saying thanks, I am not able to do that now. Be polite but firm.

5. Make the time of the day work for you and not against you.

Tackle your to-do list when you're most productive. If you're a morning person, work on a few items in the early hours. If you're a night owl, then plan accordingly.

Tip: Don’t underestimate this one. When you're at your most energetic is when you'll get things done so much quicker.

Try these five things. Being clear on what needs to be done and how you spend your time will help propel you forward. The outcome will be less stress and overwhelm in your life. Take action now. You are in control!

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