5 Things To Look For In Your Reiki Teacher

So you've experienced the wonder of a Reiki session, and are considering becoming a student of this healing art. Maybe you'd like to provide ongoing relaxation for a loved one, or yourself. Or perhaps you're simply drawn to this beautiful practice, and don't know why.

The choices are many, and the number of approaches is dizzying.

Where to begin?

To narrow down the pool of possible teachers, your own observations, and word of mouth recommendations.

Once you've met a Reiki teacher or master in person, look for the following:

1. Does the teacher walk the talk?

Notice if the Reiki teacher uses self-treatment and meditation as part of his or her personal development, and encourages students to do the same with compassionate accountability.

2. Is there a framework to support your growth?

A solid teacher will provide opportunities for students to deepen their practice, whether through Reiki shares, workshops, and/or ongoing support. You won't be left hanging!

3. Does this person display humility?

Gifted Reiki masters come in all shapes, ages, and orientations. While they may have passionate views, look for their overall tone to be inclusive. The kindness, sincerity, and "real-ness" of your mentor likely indicates depth of practice and integration of the Reiki precepts.

4. Is the work grounded in tradition?

Find out the scope of training for the levels your teacher provides. In addition to the initiation process (beyond words), there are other crucial elements of Reiki practice, including the hands-on aspect, and every lineage has its own historical background and flavor.

5. Do you have that ineffable click?

You'll feel a sense of safety with the right teacher, and will feel comfortable asking questions. That's not to say she won't challenge you! Go with your gut feeling. Trusting your intuition will support your growth as a Reiki student.


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