3 Ways To Nurture Your Sacred Energy

How's your energy reservoir? 

That may sound like a woo-woo question, but I'm totally serious.

I'm referring to pranic energy. The energetic, "subtle body" is as important as your physical body, if not more so. Your energetic levels can manifest as bliss, wellness, and balance, or they can manifest as mental, emotional and physical ailments.

One of the most common energetic depletions comes from giving, giving, giving until one's empty. Whether you're a teacher, parent, artist, healer, or just overall generous human being, you can likely relate to the feeling of pranic fatigue.

When we experience an outpouring of vigor, we must replenish it. Sometimes the tank is refilled by others; sometimes we must replenish our reserves on our own.

So, how does one nurture one's supply of sacred energy? Here are 3 simple ways to avoid pranic fatigue.

1. Find activities that "stoke your fire." 

You can likely name a few activities off the top of your head that fuel your life force. Yoga, meditation, pranayama, connecting with nature, journaling, cooking, a candlelit bubble bath, deep conversations with a loved one; these are some of my own fire stoking practices. Engage in any activity that leaves you feeling fuller, stronger, more inspired. Engage in them often.

2. Be aware and conscientious of your energy. 

Don't overcommit yourself, don't invest energy in negative people or situations; become convinced of the sacred nature of your prana and, without hoarding it, be cognizant of not overdrawing your reserves.

3. Artfully stir the directional energy in your life. 

It doesn't have to be a, Ah I taught four classes today I need to just veg and be alone and re-anchor tomorrow. In fact, it's far healthier to balance the input and output of energy in as equal a manner as possible, rather than to drain the tank before refilling it. With practice, we can all develop a graceful directional flow of energy, in and out.

When our prana is strong and stable, we can offer to the world the gifts that we spend our days and nights cultivating. What we offer to ourselves, we are then able to offer out to the world. So take the time to replenish your reserve. Make radical self care a priority. Create a space for yourself to flourish, radiate love and remain anchored all at once. It's possible to artfully manage your prana and never face a dry energy reservoir ever again.

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