Choose Ease Instead Of Easy. Here's How.

It’s funny how we can get mixed signals from society. Some days we read about the "Work hard, play hard" ethic, and other days we hear about the importance of letting life unfold naturally.

So what’s the best way? Well, I guess that depends upon what makes you happy and how you define success. For me, it’s all about finding flow.

Here’s the thing: finding flow can be misconstrued as taking the easy route. And we all know that sometimes the easy route isn’t the best one to take.

It’s worth exploring the difference between "easy" and "ease."

Easy can be short-term gain, cheap, fast, careless, effortless, uninvolved, narrow-minded.

Ease, however, is flow, quality, fulfillment, generous, organic, whole, calm, contentment, sustainable.

Which sounds better to you?

Remember, you always get to choose. 

I know whenever I’ve chosen easy over ease, things haven’t worked out well. Maybe to start with it felt good, maybe there was some immediate payback, but further down the line, it always pays to choose ease.

This impacts almost every area of your life. Think about it:

  • Your health: Go for easy (quick, cheap food choices) or choose ease (preparing a good healthy meal).
  • Your relationships: Go for easy (not having the awkward conversations) or choose ease (finding the right time and place to have a loving conversation).
  • Your work life: Go for easy (staying in a job you can’t stand) or choose ease (exploring your options & learning the skills required to make a shift).

Seriously, this is a game changer.

So here are three simple tips to ensure you always choose ease:

1. Remember that it won’t always be straightforward.

Things take time, ideas need space to grow, you have lessons to learn on the journey. It’s actually better that way. Be grateful for the bumps in the road, they will always be teaching you something.

Example: Your business will grow as you grow. You’ll look back in a year and realize just how much you’ve learned and that actually, it was a pretty smart idea not to take the shortcuts.

2. Be sure of your values.

Once you’re super clear on your values, they’ll act as a blueprint for your life choices. You’ll realize that choosing ease will align with your values, whereas choosing easy will typically stomp all over them.

Example: One of my core values is authenticity. There are times when I’m not sure if I want to stand out from the crowd and speak up about something. (And it sure is easier not to.) But I’ve realized that if I don’t, then I’m not being authentic.

3. Set clear intentions.

Ensure you know exactly what it is you want. I know that might sound silly, but so often we focus on the goal, instead of focusing on the outcome of the goal.

Example: If you're intent on being independent, make sure your decisions actually reflect that. When I was younger, I desperately wanted to open a restaurant, but realized pretty soon that it would result in my losing the very thing I wanted most: freedom. It would have been so easy to get excited and just jump straight in. Now I adore the time I have to cook for people I love without the stress & commitment of doing it as a job.

Have you ever chosen easy? Are you doing it now? In the comments below, tell me ONE THING you can do TODAY to choose ease…

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