Partying A Little Too Hard? Read This.

I have a soft spot for party girls. I remember so clearly what it felt like to live for the weekends. To escape from the grind of reality with drinks and drugs. To scream Ohmygoditsmysong! at the top of my lungs at 3am.

Those years of late nights, loud music, broken hearts, belly laughs and vodka raspberries are still deeply etched in my psyche. They played a huge role in shaping the woman I was to become...

But rose-colored-tunnel-vision prevents us from making conscious decisions while we're in the stubborn, crave-driven grip of the Party Scene.

It's not rocket science: Alcohol wreaks havoc on our bodies. Drugs wreak havoc on our nervous system. We've known this all along, but it certainly didn't stop us from pretending as though we didn't know any better at the time.

To dig a little deeper, here are four (unexpected) things every (green juicing, pavement-pounding) party girl should know:

1. You ARE what you're running to. 

Think you're more beautiful after a few wines? You're not. That beauty has forever been latent within you.

Think you're more confident after downing a cosmo? That confidence has to come from somewhere, and I guarantee you, it doesn't hide in a cocktail shaker. Find an authentic, wholesome way to experiment with your inner confidence, sans booze. You don't have to move mountains; think small.

More interesting? You don't need a vodka in your hand for us to see that you're fascinating.

If you revel in the fact that you become more fun, easy-going, dynamic and hilarious while you're on the sauce, it's crucial to recognize that you ARE those very qualities without it.

Contrary to what we might believe in the moment, we don't become our ideal selves when we're inebriated. We run further from our essence, (and fast!) believing that the warm sensation of pinot noir in our bellies makes us sexier than if we were to simply make eye contact and smile.

Hint: eye contact and a smile is way hotter.

2. You CAN dance without liquid courage. 

You better believe it! You can shake your ass, stomp your feet, wave your hands in the air, and get lost in the music while you're stone cold sober. Perhaps not right away. Perhaps this will take time. Partying sober is a quantum leap—one that requires guts and determination—but it's worth it. Music will never be the same again. Trust me.

3. You're missing the big picture.

We’d all be making fools of ourselves, if we think that we can drink bottle after bottle of wine, live on a diet of processed food, participate in relationships that drain us, continually watch reality television and expect to be able to create and maintain a beautiful, always-present, conscious intuitive connection. This is where we, as young women- making our mark on the world- get things seriously sideways. We drink our green juice, quit eating gluten, and we stretch from one asana to another, but we're missing the big picture.

Drugs and alcohol sever the connection to intuition. Feeling creatively challenged? Cosmicly disadvantaged? Your toxic Friday night habits may be intercepting your soul connection. Clear the channel, notice the sign posts.

4. There's more to you than your Party Girl identity.

More to you than the outfit you'll wear this weekend.

More than your favorite cocktail.

Than your favorite song or dance move.

You're a mystery to behold, and the whole world is waiting to marvel at you.

What are you hiding?

Show us.

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