How To Find Your Purpose When You're Scared Out Of Your Mind

Within two months of my liberation from my comfy six-figure job corporate job, I turned down two job offers. For the first time in my life, I let go and completely surrendered to the concept of going with the flow. I am not “hippy dippy” or “woo-woo.” I'm a grounded chick who set forth on a journey to find myself and, in turn, found my purpose. (You may have guessed it’s not sitting at a desk in Corporate America.)

For those of you questioning your purpose, who have a voice inside saying it’s time for a change, here are some tips that helped me along the way. I hope they help you as well.

1. Move your energy roadblocks.

Emotional roadblocks like fear and anxiety can arise when you're on the path to finding your purpose. These blocks prohibit energy and your experience from flowing freely. Depending on the magnitude of these emotions they can be paralyzing! You can remove your energetic roadblocks through:

  • Chakra-clearing meditation practices (my personal fave)
  • Tai-Chi
  • Yoga

2. Going with the flow may not compute.

There's a large part of our unconscious that contains rules about what is right and wrong, or good and evil. These rules are dictated by society, family systems, and other social influences. Know that you may experience internal conflict, given the collective belief system in this society that you must work a conventional 9-to-5 job your whole life whether you like it or not, sleep, and repeat. Certain meditations can help you rewrite that code internally.

3. Find a job that will fund you on your journey.

If your purpose is a complete 180 from what you currently do, you need a financial cushion to support you while you find your way. Can you leverage what you currently do on a part-time or project basis to fund you en route? Consulting gigs can be very lucrative, AND you're not tied to a desk every day.

4. Follow these directions: Intention + Attention = Manifestation

Energy flows where attention goes. Set your intention to find your life’s purpose, and take coherent action that aligns with that intention and you will manifest what you seek.

5. Have FUN.

Have you ever manifested your deepest desires when you were filled with anxiety and fear?

Probably not.

You want to keep that energetic vibration up so you can attract people and circumstances that align with your intentions. Here are a few of my favorite feel-good activities

  • Go to the beach and blow bubbles. (Yes, I'm 35 and I own bubbles.)
  • Dance.
  • Swim.

6. Don’t get attached to any particular outcome.

After my liberation, I went through various iterations of what I thought my purpose was. If you're doing your inner work, you're going to evolve. Guess what? Your purpose is going to evolve right along with you!

7. Enjoy the ride by embracing the unknown.

En route, you’ll encounter miles and miles of highway with no people to be seen or places to stop. It can be unsettling; it can be scary as hell (especially at night). But there's beauty in having all of that space to explore and create. Sit in that space, breathe, meditate, enjoy the quiet and try not to get freaked out by it. I find that my most creative moments come from being in a calm and grounded headspace.

8. Connect with those who have been down this road before.

The trip can get lonely, especially when you're leaving behind those who are complacent with where they are in their lives. Seek out people who have found their purpose and cultivated financial abundance. Use them as reminders that if they can do it, you sure as heck can too.

Finally — I know this is super cliché — but life is way too short to not love what you do. Take the leap and take comfort in the idea that we're all meant to peel back the layers of who we are, find our inner truth and a purpose which aligns with that. It’s a never-ending process that can be bumpy and scary. But once you get on the road, you won’t want to turn back.

I sure as heck don’t….

Send me your shout-outs! Which one of these steps resonates with you, or what helped you on the path to find your purpose?

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