Start Living Your Ideal Life NOW. Here's How.

Written by Rebecca Tracey

Do you dream of traveling the world, spending more time with friends, or simply working on your own terms?

I work with many people who want these things, and who want to create their own business to help them achieve the lifestyle they crave.

And while I'm all for working for yourself so you can have the lifestyle associated with it (I lived in a van for seven months during my first year of business, rock climbing my way around the U.S. and taking clients on my rest days), I know that you don’t have to start a business to create your ideal life.

I believe that you can start building your ideal lifestyle now, regardless of whether you are traditionally or self-employed.

Here are the three steps to help you start living your ideal life NOW:

1. Get clear on what your ideal lifestyle looks like.

Most of the time, we have a vague sense of what we want our lives to be, but we have no idea what that looks like tangibly. When you can break down what you really want, you’re better able to take the steps to make it happen.

Take out a pen and paper and walk yourself through your ideal day. Where would you be? Who would you be spending time with? What would you be doing? And most importantly, how would you be feeling? Just getting these things down on paper does a lot to clear our minds. Writing your ideas down not only solidifies them, but also clears up mental space so that you can focus on your current life, while still leaving you with something to work toward.

2. Divide your ideal life into categories.

Family, friends, career, health, spirituality, personal space, hobbies etc. Whatever categories feel right for you. When you have everything laid out in categories, you can look at each one and compare how close your ideal is to where you are now. Once you know that, ask yourself “What one thing can I start doing NOW that will get me closer to my ideal?” Then start doing it.

For example, if in your ideal life you would have more time for nurturing friendships, then commit to planning one night a week where you can improve this category. Maybe you plan weekly “date nights” with your best friend, or you commit to Skyping with a different friend for an hour each week. Whatever it is, make it small and doable. You will soon see that you don’t need to wait to start having elements of the life you want — you can be intentional with incorporating them right now.

3. Be grateful for what your current lifestyle does allow you.

What elements of your life would you opt not to change, even if you could? What parts of it are pretty darn near perfect? We spend a lot of time trying to change ourselves, when a lot of what we want is often right under our noses. Sure, you might prefer to be reading books on the beach without a care in the world, but maybe you’re grateful for a job that allows the financial freedom for you and your family to go on vacation once a year.

Sometimes we crave change because we feel things are out of our control. When you can stop and realize that even if you could change things, you wouldn’t want to, it can help you realize that it's actually a choice, and that you are in control. Being grateful for what you do have allows you to focus on the present, instead of always dreaming of a different future.

Knowing that you don’t have to wait to start living the lifestyle you want is not only refreshing, but liberating! You get to create your life, right now. What will you do to start living your ideal lifestyle today? Post a comment below and let us know how you plan to get started!

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