5 Signs You're In A Toxic Job

Every day I witness the damage that unhealthy workplace environments cause to millions of people.

The sad thing is that companies are filled with people who are deeply unhappy, and who subconsciously extend this negativity to make others pay for their misery.

The good news is that every problem has a solution, and even though we can’t change people around us, we can choose to change our perception to this issue.

So, let’s deconstruct some of the mental, emotional and physical symptoms that commonly create toxicity and anxiety to even the most intelligent and successful people.

1. I get sick to my stomach every Sunday

"I feel severe chest pain, have shallow breathing, and I feel that the world is falling apart around me."

If you’ve experienced these emotions, then you’ve had an anxiety or panic attack. Your negative thoughts could be taking over your life, and you need to examine and become aware of what’s making you so unhappy in your job.

Step away for a bit, meditate, turn your negative thoughts into positive ones and ask support from a coach, therapist or nurturing friends.

2. I feel crushed at work

"My boss is very abusive (emotionally and verbally), and I’m surrounded by extremely negative colleagues."

I had many bully bosses; I used to attract them like a magnet. When I stepped out of this, I realized how important it was to go through this so I could learn to set healthy boundaries and stand up for myself.

If this is something you’re experiencing, then it’s time to claim your power, stand up on your feet and know that no one can take away your power unless you give them access to it.

We’re all human. Your boss is one too, and you’re as important as he or she is. Be open and honest with yourself. Respecting your strengths will be reflected in your actions, and people will automatically reciprocate.

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3. I feel suffocated

"I can’t express and share my wonderful ideas in my job environment."

Each one of us is put on earth to share our uniqueness and the gifts we’ve been given If you’re not allowed to share your gifts and speak your heart, then part of your soul feels crushed.

You were born free; that’s your divine right. You can choose to turn this negative emotion into an opportunity to experience freedom again.

You have to accept your uniqueness, then claim it. Choose to be around people who’ll nurture your power and appreciate it. This is how you’ll grow.

4. I feel trapped, with no life outside of work

"I have so many expectations on my shoulders and I’m working odd hours."

Depression, anxiety and so on.

Who wants to have a life like that?

A healthy job environment respects and encourages your personal time. It trusts your judgments and helps you grow. Earning big checks is not worth getting sick over unless you really have no love and respect for yourself.

This is about setting boundaries, respecting your human needs, understanding your values, your self-worth, your strengths and how to create or find the perfect job environment that nurtures you.

5. I feel bored in my job.

"I feel there’s so much more to life than this, but I don’t know what to do about it."

Even though you feel bored in your job, it’s really important to realize that every single work you do has fruits. This is the law of cause and effect. So, when you’re doing good deeds and thinking positive thoughts, good results will come.

In other words, fall in love with the aspects of your job that you enjoy before moving toward something new. Find home within before looking outward.

Set your intention for what you want in your life. If you want to experience more meaning, then start experiencing it instead of thinking about it.

Living your meaning and purpose is as close to you as your breath.

Bottom line: It’s easy to blame corporate bosses or colleagues for your unhappiness. But the fact is that you can create the life and job you want when you start believing in yourself, accepting your uniqueness, forgiving yourself and giving permission to your inner child to shine.

If you’re looking for meaning in just one place, you won’t find it. Meaning in life comes from how you share yourself and benefit others in every single area of your life.

If you need direction in this, I’m offering a 30-day free course that will help you find your purpose.

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