10 Ways To Find The Guru In You

Your Sat Guru—true teacher within you—arrives when you finally call. When you’ve finally given up on hoping someone else will take the bait, take charge of things, or take your hand and show you the way. That’s when your Sat Guru shows up. Except they’ve been there all along—you’ve just finally decided to listen.

Here are 10 ways to find the guru within you: 

1. Talk less. Listen more. 

You'll know where to go if give yourself permission to trust the nonverbal part of your brain. We’re all intuitive, and one of the most scientifically-proven ways to tap into this is to listen to the part of you connected to the non-verbal part of your brain: your body.

2. Do without doing. 

The Zen concept of doing without doing includes aligning yourself with the natural ebb and flow of life. All things ebb and flow, no matter how tangible or practical. "Doing without doing" means that you take action or rest when it feels supported and in alignment with your energy, not the energy coming from people around you.

3. Go slower. 

Be open to diversions, new directions, and unexpected opportunities. Keep going, but go slow enough that you don’t miss the practical, tangible gifts from the universe.

4. Choose joy. 

Our inherent, truest state feels like freedom. When you make decisions that feel like joy and freedom, you’re living from your soul, honoring your dharma, and tapping into your true purpose.

5. Ask for help from unexpected places. 

It might come from a stranger on the bus, an email from someone you’ve never met, or a Tweet from a follower you had no idea supported you.

6. Seek the truth.

Genuinely, sincerely commit to seeing things as they really are, not how you’d like them to be. From this place, you can take action that actually helps you get where you want to go. When you’re looking at a map, you can’t get to where you’d like to be without first knowing where you are.

7. Be open to new directions. 

Sure, you can crash through the thorny bushes, determined to get there no matter what, certain that the path you decided on months or years ago is the right one. Or you can spot the surprise opening in the green and follow it all the way to blue sky.

8. Don’t listen to everyone. 

Everyone will have advice, input or ideas for you. Some of it will be great. Most of the advice will be based on people’s past, fears, bad experiences, and uncertainty about their own future. Your future can be nothing like anyone else’s.

9. Gather your tribe.

Find a crew of people who are in alignment with who you are and what you’re about, who’ve spent time clearing up their own blind spots and can give you input based on what’s right for you.

10. Expect miracles. 

The only people miracles don’t happen to are those who refuse to see them.

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