Why I'm Choosing To Treat My Fertility Problems Naturally

Written by Emma McKay

I had 2012 planned perfectly. Fitness, career, house, upcoming wedding, TICK. Then I get my reward: children. Don’t I?

Four months before my November wedding, I came off the pill and had envisioned making a beautiful pregnancy announcement at our wedding. Oh, how my mind misled me. My period had completely disappeared, my bad skin turned to acne and my anxiety was through the roof. I put everything down to wedding stress, even though I knew in my heart that wasn’t the reason.

Once the wedding arrived, my skin was so horrible that I opted for a bad spray tan to mask the problem, my self-esteem was ridiculously low and I was paranoid my old menstrual friend would finally visit. Not the magical day a girl dreams of!

The following February, when things hadn’t improved, I sought answers. After a referral to a specialist, I was diagnosed with PCOS and an extremely thin endometrium, or uterus lining. How can that be? I wasn’t overweight and it definitely wasn’t hereditary; my mom is one of 11 children! My chances of becoming pregnant naturally were nonexistent, and I was prescribed three different fertility drugs.

I had never imagined myself going down that path, so the following day, my husband and I drove to the city to meet with a health expert and naturopath who changed my life. He believed PCOS was caused by toxins in the body, and all I needed to do was restore my body to the way it used to be.

The expert's knowledge fascinated me, and I needed to hear more. It turns out that he had contracted a late-stage cancer and was beyond the point of any cancer treatment. He knew there had to be another way, and that was when he discovered the importance of health. He's been cancer free for 18 years.

I came home, unexpectedly excited to take the healthy route instead of the drugs. I immediately started a plant-based diet and sought advice through books, websites and health food stores. I lived and breathed the love of clean eating.

Looking back, I had health problems for as long as I can remember. PCOS or other undiagnosed issues had become a way of life for me and I had learned to accept them. My nutrition as a child was quite disturbing. I was a fussy eater, and even though the freezer was always stocked with our own meat from the farm, my mother could only get me to eat bread with cans of tuna (mercury overload!). My parents admitted to me recently that the farm was constantly sprayed with pesticides, so I believe at some point this could have also wrecked havoc on my body. My love of alcohol and processed foods obviously didn’t help the situation when I became an adult.

Going through the detox phase wasn’t easy. I felt ill, and my hardcore exercise routine had gone out the window. It was during that time I decided to quit my stressful job to rest and focus on nutrition. Over these few months my period had returned, my skin cleared, weekly headaches subsided, morning nausea disappeared, my iron levels finally stabilized — I could go on with this list for days!

The results were addictive. I tried to speed up the healing process by experimenting with acupuncture, yoga, steam rooms, colonics, camping, reconnecting with family and friends, even visiting a Balinese healer.

Gone are the days of negativity, along with toxic home and beauty products. What's left is an organic, loving, spiritual person who is the opposite of the anxious person I once was.

I'm so thankful to have a supportive husband who understands health. We believe everything happens for a reason, and even though I’m still waiting a positive pregnancy test, I know my body’s on the right track. Thanks to this life lesson, we’re aware how important clean eating is for the whole family, and I’m truly passionate about starting a career in the health industry!

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